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What to eat during an intense endurance workout

Running season is here, and more and more people are getting in shape for the upcoming endurance events. What to eat during your race is a question I get asked…


These are the 7 essential nutrients you need to survive

I’m the first to admit that the world of nutrition is seriously complicated. But luckily for the average Joe just wanting to eat to better their health, it doesn’t have…


Aqua boxing is a thing and you’ll want in

Combat-style training is a great way to improve your cardio fitness and build muscle strength, but repeatedly throwing punches at a sandbag can leave your joints worse for wear. However, that’s set to change…


The worst things to eat after working out, according to a dietitian

Whether you’re trying to peak your endurance, pump your muscles or palm off some body fat, choosing the wrong recovery foods can negate all your hard work. Here are some…


What your pain is trying to tell you, according to this wellbeing practitioner

We’re all guilty of placing immense physical, emotional and mental strain on ourselves. If there’s one thing that stops us dead in our tracks though, it’s pain, which is designed…


Vitamins are just exxy pee – the 7 vitamins myths we’re guilty of believing

More recently, we’ve become a world obsessed with nutritional perfection. We purchase products that claim to have the most vitamins, agree to consume anything that will help boost our immunity,…


8 most common triggers of anxiety in adulthood – and how to solve them

Anxiety can develop throughout any stage in our lives and the triggers can manifest differently for every individual. A person’s mental health state can often be affected by complex factors…


‘I achieved everything I wanted but it didn’t make me happy’

If you’re reading this it’s likely that you have heard the phrase ‘create your own lifestyle’ and it’s sparked an inquiry within you. More and more we are realising that…


How to build a healthy lunch box

With our busy, time-poor lives, it can be a challenge coming up with varied, balanced and quick lunch box ideas for your kids. It’s even harder if you’re trying to…


6 reasons you have blotchy skin

We are all genetically blessed (or not) with our skin, but if you have fairer skin, there’s a good chance you regularly feel personally victimised by uneven, red, inflamed or…

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