Month: April 2019


Are you about to retire? It might be time to review your health insurance cover.

When approaching retirement, you’ll want to do everything in your power to make the process as relaxing & rewarding as possible. One way you can do that? By reviewing your…

General Insights

Federal Budget 2019 – Overview

The Government’s economic plan and this Budget are building a stronger economy and securing a better future for all Australians. This Budget and our economic plan are:

Returning the budget to surplus
Delivering more jobs
Providing lower taxes
Guaranteeing essential services like Medicare, schools, hospitals and roads

Financial Planning

Budgeting on a growing family

Having children is a rite of passage that brings a mix of joy, fulfilment and anxiety when the financial realities of raising kids become apparent. Parents must make difficult decisions…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

10 money conversations to have when your relationship heats up

It’s probably not the sexiest thing the two of you have on the to-do list but putting off talking about your financial expectations could see you butting heads. If you…

Financial Planning General Insights

The problem with getting to 53 years of age.

Here's some food for thought and another reason why getting professional help from a financial planner is worth serious consideration.

Financial Planning Lifestyle

Marriage in later life

Romance blooms at any age, including as we get older and supposedly wiser about such things of the heart, and head. So, if you’re considering marriage, perhaps for a second…

General Insights Superannuation & SMSF

Labor vs Liberal: How each party’s policies will affect your financial future

Superannuation is one of the key battlegrounds in the upcoming federal election. Here, we run through the key policy pushes from both of the major parties. CONTRIBUTIONS Non-concessional contributions cap…


Honey, the kids shrunk my retirement

An increasing number of Peter (and Peta) Pans are refusing to fly the coop, staying in the family home well into adulthood. It’s estimated that in the next five years,…

Insurance Retirement

Paying for health care in retirement

In retirement, an Australian couple needs from $4,700 to $9,400 a year to pay for health care , according to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, and the average cost of private health insurance rose 4.8 per cent in 2017, far outpacing inflation.

Financial Planning Property

Why saving for a house deposit isn’t as unrealistic as you might think

So you want to buy a house. Not today, but some day. But when you read the headlines about housing affordability, you can’t help but feel discouraged. The media makes…

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