Month: May 2019

Financial Planning Lifestyle

Six traits of Australians living the dream

Almost one in four Australians (23%) believe they are definitely or mostly ‘living the dream’, according to recent research from the Financial Planning Association. Here are six traits that have helped…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

When to charge your kids board

I recently came across a news story about a hapless New York couple, who have taken their 30-year old son to court in a last ditch effort to get him…

General Insights Loans and Finance

Limited recourse borrowing arrangements – LRBAs

Transfer of loan amounts flagged as vital compliance step for LRBAs

Insurance Superannuation & SMSF

A letter from your superfund?

You may have received a letter from your superfund recently.  If so, this is what it is about. From 1 July 2019, superannuation fund members with inactive accounts risk losing…

Estate Planning Property

Is it better to buy an investment property or home first?

There’s a lot to consider when buying an investment property or home, especially for the first time. Have you been saving for a long time and feel ready to get…

Financial Planning Tax Planning

Why the Government doesn’t want you to understand how franking credits work.

It’s not an accident that understanding how it all works is boring. The detail of tax is a lot like superannuation. It’s complicated and most people find it boring. The…

Investment Shares

Responsible and ethical investing

Responsible and ethical investing – what are they and what’s the difference? Whether it’s the war on waste, human rights abuses, animal rights or climate change that is your issue…


I’m young. Do I need life insurance now?

Life insurance is usually not something people think about until they begin to accumulate assets, debts and dependents. And there can be a fair amount of information to sift through,…

Financial Planning General Insights

What a financial planner does to help.

Updated research from Vanguard confirms what previous research found concerning the average value added to clients' long-term wealth by a financial planner.  

Financial Planning

Why people choose the wrong credit card

According to recent findings, three out of five Aussie customers are not receiving any financial benefits from having a credit card. It’s long been suspected that for many people, the…

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