Month: July 2019

Financial Planning Investment

The 10 best investments to make in your 20s

What it means to ‘invest’ in your future is about so much more than financial matters: it’s not just how you spend your money but also your time and energy….


Online insurance: Is it really that easy?

“You’ll get it cheaper online” – we’ve all heard people say it, and probably say it ourselves, because it’s true. The internet provides a platform for businesses to offer services…

Retirement Superannuation & SMSF

Super growth reducing age pension drawdown

Less than half of new retirees accessed the age pension last year and of those who did, only one-quarter drew a full pension, according to new research from annuity provider Challenger, which claims superannuation is working on a mass scale.

Financial Planning

Helping grown-up children with their finances

It’s only natural to want to help your kids with big ticket items to give them a good start in life—particularly in an era when tuition fees and house prices…


Are bigger engines better?

When it comes to the size of what’s under the bonnet, bigger isn’t necessarily better. For a while there, every new generation of a particular make or model could be…


What is a recall?

The world isn’t perfect, and neither are cars – even brand new ones. But luckily recalls exist to correct serious issues that may affect your car Sometimes, faults and flaws…

Superannuation & SMSF

Big four firm outlines new financial year checklist for SMSFs

With the new financial year starting, one of the big four accounting firms has highlighted the key areas on which SMSF professionals should focus their attention for SMSF clients.

Financial Planning Retirement

How to retire early

Whether you choose or need early retirement, having a plan can give your money the best chance of lasting the distance. Whether lifestyle preferences or circumstances beyond your control are…

Loans and Finance Property

Is buying to flip still viable in today’s market?

With the property boom of recent years and the popularity of TV renovation shows like The Block and House Rules, increasing numbers of Australians have been ‘buying to flip’ –…

Investment Shares

Should I be investing in shares?

So you’ve got a bit of extra cash now that you’ve paid off all your debts (bar a mortgage if you have one), set up an emergency fund and taken…

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