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End of year (EOY) financial strategies


With the end of the financial year approaching there may be some valuable opportunities worth discussing for you or your family, depending on your personal circumstances.


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Super funds ‘increasingly likely’ to achieve double-digit yearly returns

Superannuation funds have continued their bounceback from the COVID-19 pandemic and are now on track for double-digit returns, new research has revealed. Research released by Chant West showed that growth funds…

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SMSF Association clarifies NALI issues around pension phase assets


The SMSF Association has confirmed the ATO position around non-arm’s length capital gains issues and its effect on segregated current pension assets.


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SMSFs flagged on Div 7A relief implications from ATO’s updated guidance


While the ATO has provided its guidance on COVID-19 LRBA relief on Division 7A, advisers will need to be aware of the practical elements that will affect the SMSF’s position around the administrative relief.


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Dealing with compliance complexities impacting overseas SMSF property


Dealing with SMSF property overseas is a different undertaking compared to domestic property, with a different set of issues that affects the compliance approach, according to a technical specialist.


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Investing on behalf of your kids

Investing on behalf of your children can help give them a financial leg up and introduce them to good financial practice at an early age. However It’s important to pick…

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Super contribution caps are going up from 1 July 2021

The amount of money you can contribute into your super each year is about to increase. The caps on concessional and non-concessional super contributions will increase from 1 July this…

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Poisoned pets: The hidden dangers posed by common houseplants

A trip to the nursery is a common activity for most of us, but are our resulting plant purchases putting our furry family members at risk? The answer, unfortunately, is…

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Why Australian households are getting richer


Australian household wealth is rising, with the bulk tied up in residential real estate. On an asset allocation level, there may be room for households to revisit their asset holdings to see if they still align to their financial goals.


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