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SMSFs urged to review leases before granting rent relief


SMSF clients planning to provide rent reductions to tenants should review the lease agreement to ensure the provision of rent relief won’t result in a breach of the lease, says an industry lawyer.


Investment Property

Familiar pattern emerges as property market rocked by second wave

Melbourne buyers and sellers are both worried about the second wave, with auction cancellations and clearance rates shifting downwards, new figures have revealed. The six-week lockdown imposed in metropolitan Melbourne…

Investment Property

Beware ‘sharp rent price rises are inevitable’

Australians should prepare themselves for soaring rental prices once the COVID-19 pandemic passes due to the undersupply of rental properties, a property researcher has said. According to data released by…


Why is Melbourne property falling more than everywhere else?

The fallout from COVID-19 has seen Melbourne property markets fall by 2.3 per cent, making it the worst-performing capital city, new research has shown. Numbers released in June by CoreLogic…


Looking to sell? Here’s five things to do to increase your property’s value

Increasing your property’s value is something that everyone wants to do, but for the majority of people, it’s another unknown part of the sales process. Here, we’ve compiled five key…


Welcome relief: Stamp duty could be axed as soon as next year

While there are varying predictions on the state of the economy post-Covid-19, there’s one thing experts seem to all agree on: stamp duty could become a thing of the past…

Loans and Finance Property

Understanding the First Home Owner Grant

Let’s face it, the current property market is not making it any easier for first home buyers – and any help is most welcome. So if you’re currently thinking about…

Lifestyle Loans and Finance Property

Would you like $25,000 towards a renovation, extension or new build?

The government has unveiled the HomeBuilder scheme, which will see eligible owner-occupiers who are either building or undertaking a substantial renovation given $25,000 for doing so. But who will actually…


Quick tips for working out a property’s market value

When you are searching for the perfect property, it can be challenging to work out exactly how much you should be paying. Rather than relying completely on the word of…

Loans and Finance Property

Sell or buy first? Which option is right for you?

It’s the ultimate dilemma for any home owner planning to move on to a new property – do I sell or buy first? You don’t want to sell unless you…

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