Getting Started

We are pleased that you have made the decision to do something positive to change your financial wellbeing. Thank you for choosing to give us the opportunity to help you.

Please understand that Financial Planning and the development of your specific financial strategy is something that we take very seriously. It ball egins by us understanding you, your current financial situation, your wants and your needs. So below you will enter our Private Wealth Client Meeting Room that will guide you as to the information we need from you to get started.

Our process involves the following steps:

Step 1 - You can find out how we can help you across all areas of your financial situation.

Step 2 - By completing a short Financial Health questionnaire, you can find out how healthy your financial situation is - and what areas need attention.

Step 3 - Here we will ask you to provide us with essential information about your current financial situation (prior to our first meeting) so that we can review and understand your situation and needs prior to meeting with you. This provides us with the ability to consider your situation and provide you with a more valuable experience when we first meet.

Step 4 - Please download and read our Financial Services Guide (FSG) that provides you with all the information you need about our services to allow you to make an informed decision before you engage our services.

Remember that any information you provide us will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with anyone, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

CENTRA WEALTH Pty Ltd (ABN 39 158 802 450) holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (#422704) issued to it by ASIC. It trades as CENTRA PRIVATE WEALTH, CENTRA SECURITIES and CENTRA WEALTH ACADEMY. CENTRA MONEY Pty Ltd (ABN 96 167 497 305) is a Credit Representative (#452523) of an Australian Credit Licence holder (#389328) and trades as CENTRA MONEY. Collectively the above are known as "The CENTRA WEALTH Group".