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Our Process

First meeting

The first step in our advice process is to schedule an introductory meeting. This meeting is complimentary and obligation free and generally takes about two hours.

In order to obtain maximum value from the introductory meeting, we request you complete our Client Profile before we meet with you. This helps us to understand what is important to you and what you are looking to achieve. We will post or email a copy of our Client Profile for you to complete before your first meeting with us.

Second meeting

After the first meeting we will go away and put together our Terms of Engagement. This document will identify where advice is needed and the process for implementing and maintaining our advice.

We will present our Terms of Engagement to you at the second meeting. We will explain this document in detail and answer any questions you may have. This meeting generally takes up to an hour.

After the second meeting we will ask you to make a decision about proceeding with our advice recommendations.

Third meeting

If you choose to proceed, we will go away and prepare advice recommendations in writing. This generally takes around four weeks.

Before scheduling a third meeting, we will send you a copy of our advice for your perusal. This gives you the opportunity to read through our recommendations and note down any questions before meeting with us again.

We will then schedule a third meeting to discuss our recommendations and answer your questions. This meeting generally takes one to two hours.

If you choose to proceed with our advice we will ask you to sign the paperwork required to implement our recommendations.

After our advice is implemented

Once our recommendations are implemented, we will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure our advice remains up to date and you are making progress towards your goals. This includes monitoring your asset allocation, products and strategies and regularly reviewing your situation.

Specialist Services

How else we can help you

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