Would you rather retire at 55 than 75?
Wondering how you'll afford that vacation?
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Our Services

Financial Planning is really all about money. And everything we do is centered around developing personal financial strategies that are suited to you so that you can make it, grow it, leverage it, protect it, enjoy it and eventually dispose of it to your loved ones. And along the way, we help you monitor and manage your money - and ensure that we are there to adjust the financial strategy as your life and needs changes

Centra Private Wealth's Financial Services are divided into 6 main areas:

  1. INCOME Planning
  2. INVESTMENT Planning
  3. DEBT Management
  4. RISK Management
  5. RETIREMENT Planning
  6. ESTATE Planning

We look at your current situation across all six areas. Of the many different strategies available,we identify those that are right for you, and that you're comfortable with, and we implement those.

As you can see in the chart below, we offer a comprehensive service package, and we see ourselves very much in the centre of the circle, with you determining the strategies that will achieve your objectives and then we determine which products and policies, and which people such as your solicitor, your accountant, your mortgage broker that we need to implement what's going to be right for you. We can either use your existing professionals - or we can introduce you to very good professionals that our other clients use.

Specialist Services

How else we can help you

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