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Do wireless phone chargers in cars damage phones?

Wireless induction is more convenient way to charge your phone, but is it less safer to you or your phone than using a USB cable? What is wireless phone charging?…

Loans and Finance

The remarkably simple way to pay off your mortgage sooner

For those looking to get out of debt quicker, a mortgage broker has explained a remarkably simple trick to pay off a home loan sooner. The trick is to change your…

General Insights

JobKeeper extension – changes implemented


The legislative instrument implementing the changes to the JobKeeper scheme over the extended period was registered on 15 September 2020.



How to pick a winner in the crypto market

Investors looking to gain exposure to crypto-assets are being advised to look at the asset class like they do companies with some coins likely to win while others may fail. To…


What is ‘essential’ insurance?

What’s the most important insurance to have, according to Australians? If you answered car insurance and home and contents insurance – you’re correct. They’re the only two types of insurance that…

Financial Planning

5 tips to get financially fit

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact consumers, Australians are being urged to focus on spending less and saving more. Rebecca Walker, co-founder and director of Infinity Group Australia, believes…

General Insights

Temporary home office expenses shortcut extended again


The 80 cents per hour work-from-home deduction method has now been extended for a further three months to the end of the year.



Best first cars under $23,000

Buying a new car on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style, fun or safety. Navigating your way through the new-car world can be overwhelming. You’ve got…


9 in 10 families struggle to keep kids in childcare

As the government’s childcare subsidy ends and payments revert to pre-COVID status, nine in 10 Australians have said that it will be a financial burden to send their children to childcare, new…

Superannuation & SMSF

Boost your super in the comfort of your own home

There’s a new way for retirees to top up their super through the downsizer contribution without having to move out of their home – and it’s got the approval of…

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