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7 money personalities you may identify with or want to avoid

Are you the friend that shouts more than what you can afford, or the one that’s happy with a handout because no one knows struggle street like you do? When…


Organise your space, your mind and lifestyle will follow

Few of us are naturally enthused by the idea of rolling up our sleeves and undertaking an intensive deep clean, whether it be of our desk drawers or downloads folder. We’re…

General Insights Investment

Goodbye to ad-hoc portfolios

Investment portfolios are often built in an ad-hoc fashion with too little thought given to taking a co-ordinated approach to investing.

Lifestyle Retirement

Make working later in life work for you

The relationship between work and retirement is changing. Nowadays we expect a lot more from our later years than previous generations—we’re no longer satisfied with treading water and we want…


The 5 golden lessons I learned on my first day looking for a home

Home ownership has always seemed like a bit of a fable to me. It seems so out of reach, so damn expensive and frankly a little scary. But it is…

Investment Shares

Bitcoin – Is it really for you?

If I could sum up the contents of my junk emails over the last 12 months in a single word it would be: Bitcoin. I can’t tell you how many…

Insurance Lifestyle

One in three Aussies travel without protection

It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to summer holidays, but amid the excitement of choosing a destination, don’t forget to arrange travel cover. In the last…

General Insights

Wanted: More voluntary super contributions

Are you contributing enough to super? Recent research highlights the reality that most members of large super funds do not make voluntary contributions.

Financial Planning

How to save money

Saving money doesn’t just happen, but these steps could help you to reach your saving goals sooner. How Australians save Research has found that almost three quarters of Australians surveyed…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

7 wasteful habits that are costing you money and hurting the planet

Gone are the days where being eco-friendly meant being unstylish or wasting your money buying a whole lot of eco-friendly products. In today’s culture being a socially responsible person is…

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