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Don’t discount your plans to buy a new home or investment property just yet. 

No surprises that “how will coronavirus affect house prices?” is one of the most Googled questions since the outbreak.

We think that there will be some great opportunities for buyers to negotiate a great deal on their dream home during this time.  Especially so if you have a pre-approval in place!

Significant property crashes only happen when people have to sell when they don’t want to. The good news is the banks and government have put measures in place to ensure this won’t happen by extending mortgage holidays and committing to working alongside clients throughout this crisis.

As a result, we, and many other property experts believe the property market will be stable.

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Zac Zacharia (Managing Director) has been assisting clients to create wealth and secure their futures for over 14 years.

He is also an accomplished presenter and educator

Co-authoring the popular investment book, Property vs Shares.