Centra Wealth Academy

Do you want to invest in property or in the share market?
Do you want to make extra money in your spare time?
Do you want to learn how to manage your money better?

Through Centra Wealth Academy* We provide short courses, education programs and workshops on trading and investment topics. We offer personalised coaching and mentoring, educational seminars and webinars.

*Education division of Centra Wealth Group

We cater to you no matter what your level of knowledge and experience of financial markets is. Our goal is to help you improve your investment and trading decisions by providing you with access to quality and personalised education.

Regular training

We offer regular training programs, private mentoring and short courses on virtually any financial topic that you are interested in.

Tailored education

We can tailor our modular education programs and short courses to suit your specific interests and needs.

Face to face or online

We deliver face-to-face, online, individually or as part of a group.

Ongoing support

We offer ongoing support through regular workshops, newsletters, trading and investment ideas, seminars and webinars to keep you motivated and on track.

Our wealth coaches are highly experienced with practical skills. They will teach you all you need to know in an easy to follow format and in plain language, so that everyone can understand.


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Zac Zacharia (Managing Director) has been assisting clients to create wealth and secure their futures for over 14 years.

He is also an accomplished presenter and educator

Co-authoring the popular investment book, Property vs Shares.