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Hydrogen cars versus EVs – what’s right for Australia?

Why are EVs starting to take off while hydrogen appears to be stuck at ground level? As fuel prices continue their steady rise, the conversation around alternative fuels these days seems…

Superannuation & SMSF

Update of Superannuation contribution rules from July 1, 2020.


The rules around Superannuation contribution change almost every year, so it is important that taxpayers know what these changes mean to them.



Getting down and dirty with cars

You’ve found a car you like, you’ve done your homework and all the numbers check out. Great! Now you need to inspect the car and see if there are any…

Superannuation & SMSF

When a will won’t cut it: Inheritance and super

People are accumulating a lot of wealth within their super without realising a legally binding will won’t direct where that money goes after their death, a chartered accountant has warned. Simone Palfreyman,…

Loans and Finance

Borrowers turn to the bank of mum and dad in HomeBuilder confusion

Many borrowers looking to build new homes with the HomeBuilder grant are relying on borrowed funds from family and friends due to the structure of the HomeBuilder scheme. he $25,000 HomeBuilder grants were launched earlier this year to…

Superannuation & SMSF

More than $31bn paid under early super release


The government’s early super release scheme shows no signs of slowing down, with almost 90,000 release applications received by super funds in the first week of August and more than $700 million in payments made.



9 in 10 Aussies want their money put to good use

A majority of Australians now expect super funds, banks, financial advisers and other financial institutions to invest their money in a responsible and ethical manner, it has been revealed. The…


The perks and price of going private

The increased cost of health premiums coming into effect from 1 April has already prompted four in 10 privately insured Australians to reassess the value they are getting from their…

Superannuation & SMSF

Your super fund, your choice


Choice is inherently regarded as a good thing, particularly in these COVID-affected times when some of our basic choices have had to be suspended for the greater community good.


Financial Planning

How advised individuals are getting ahead during COVID-19

Advised clients are in a much better portfolio position during COVID-19 than their unadvised counterparts, according to an investment expert. The managing director of Wealth O2, Shannon Bernasconi, has explained…

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