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4 things you should do now to buy a home in the not too distant future

For Aussie millennials, owning property can feel like a bit of a pipe dream – especially if you happen to live in a capital city. After all, who can forget the smashed…


Investing in a holiday home

Is it really your great Aussie dream? It happens every year. You’re strolling down the high street of your local beachside town enjoying a long hot summer with the family…

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Helping your children to buy a home

Increasing house prices are good news for property owners but can be a bit of a hurdle for people trying to get into the market.  If, like many of our…


I’m young. Do I need life insurance now?

Life insurance is usually not something people think about until they begin to accumulate assets, debts and dependents. And there can be a fair amount of information to sift through,…


5 life insurance questions you’ve always wanted to ask

What impact do factors like your weight, age and smoking status have on your ability to buy life insurance?  Life insurers take into account a number of different factors when…

Financial Planning

5 money mistakes to avoid in your 20s

There are some mistakes we need to make for ourselves. Whether it’s an unflattering trend or falling for someone who’s not a good match, sometimes lived experience trumps good advice….

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Part 4 – The major benefit of ‘behavioural coaching’


One important part of a planner’s job, and what adds real value, is being able to keep their clients focused when times are bad.


Five tips for happy healthy ageing

The best ways to sustain or improve physical, mental and financial wellbeing in your pre and post retirement years are sometimes the simplest. If you’re in or approaching retirement, you…

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How to have a social life and save money

Saving money can be lonely and boring and hard. Saying ‘no’ to weekends away with mates, or not being able to afford big fancy group dinners can leave you feeling…


Why you should plan for retirement now – Yes, in your 20s!

Getting your start in the workforce is nothing short of an epic challenge. Among the endless job applications, interviews and transitioning into full-time work, you’d be forgiven for not giving…

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He is also an accomplished presenter and educator

Co-authoring the popular investment book, Property vs Shares.