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ATO issues final warnings on outstanding SARs


The ATO has issued its final alerts for SMSFs with outstanding SARs, warning that failure to lodge may lead to serious consequences.



The “New” Government Pensions Loans Scheme – Do I Need Extra Income?

I wrote about the Pension Loans Scheme (PLS) a few years ago, but I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit the Scheme, how it operates, how it can assist either long…


How to tell if the food you’re buying is actually healthy

Low fat, no sugar, all natural, gluten free, plant based — we could go on. A simple stroll down the super market aisle these days is a mine field of…

Covid-19 Help

Age limit for AstraZeneca jab raised to 60-plus

Update: Health Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed the AstraZeneca jab is now recommended for over 60s, meaning those in the 50 to 59 age group will be eligible to get…

General Insights

SMSFs still on top for member satisfaction


SMSF members continue to report very high levels of satisfaction with the performance of their fund, according to rolling research.


General Insights Superannuation & SMSF

Can super set Australia on the path to net zero?

Australia’s superannuation members can have a significant impact on reducing Australia’s climate impact and increasing their returns at the same time, an industry expert explains.  Superannuation members looking to increase…

Estate Planning

‘Should I give my home to my daughter now or will it to her?’

Q: What is the best way to proceed after retirement? I wish to move out of my house on a small acreage and succeed it to my daughter and her…

Property Retirement

How an Australian mortgage trust could help meet your retirement income needs

Economists and historians will no doubt hark back to 2020 as not just the year of Covid-19 but of higher unemployment and ultra-low interest rates, of stockmarket upheaval and Australia’s…

General Insights

Understanding home downsizing and super contributions


The Federal Government announced in the May Budget that it is widening the scope of the scheme allowing eligible Australians to sell their home and put extra money into their superannuation. Here's what you need to know.


General Insights

‘I woke up with no pain’: Medicinal cannabis earns high praise from war vet

Like most war veterans Michael Ruffin, 78, is still paying for injuries he sustained while on active duty. During his deployment to Vietnam in the late 1960s, Mike (as he’s…

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