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“I wish I had an emergency fund”: The unexpected expenses to prepare for

Emergency funds are easy to neglect, and even easier to dip into at times that you probably shouldn’t. While talking about them isn’t the sexiest convo to have, they’re important…

Financial Planning

Why people choose the wrong credit card

According to recent findings, three out of five Aussie customers are not receiving any financial benefits from having a credit card. It’s long been suspected that for many people, the…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

Five ways to simplify your life

If managing life’s everyday complexities only seem achievable when you’re daydreaming about the chef, cleaner, personal assistant or nanny that you don’t have, you’re probably not alone. And, if ‘turbulent’…

General Insights

Average age for establishing SMSFs sitting at 48.9: Report

            The latest SMSF Benchmark Report from Class indicates that there is a continuing trend towards younger age groups setting up SMSFs, which follows similar…


How your personality type can help you find your passion

Some people are born knowing what they want to do with their life, but for the rest of us it’s a constant game of trial and error. Along the way…

Retirement Superannuation & SMSF

Is your super fund top of the class? If not, it could cost you thousands in retirement

You no doubt already know that not all superannuation funds are created equal, but you might still be surprised to find out just how badly the wrong fund can impact…

Loans and Finance

3 reasons to consider using a finance broker for your next business loan

Whatever your business needs, a finance broker can help you get approval for the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. Small business owners who need money to expand, invest in new…

Investment Property

5 Reasons to Invest in Adelaide

Adelaide can quite often be the unsung hero for property investment. It doesn’t generally make headlines on major booms, and it doesn’t often see record breaking market leaps in short time frames…

General Insights

ATO updates valuation guidelines for pension reporting

The ATO has updated its valuation guidelines in order to clarify when a reasonable estimate can be used for valuing pension assets when reporting to the ATO.


When was the last time you reviewed your health cover?

Odds are it’s been a while since you looked over your health insurance cover. It’s understandable – there are over 40,000 products in the market and premiums regularly go up….

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