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Dividends explained

If you are a shareholder of a company, you may receive payments known as dividends. These payments represent your share of the company’s profits and are your reward for investing….


What is the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card

I am often asked what the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card (CSHC) is, what the benefits are for a card holder, and how to apply? The CSHC entitles you to access…

Financial Planning

Women the winners in low income super tax offset

Women starting a family benefit most from the government’s low-income super contribution. Women are the biggest recipientsi of the low-income super tax offset (LISTO). The number of females eligible for the…


3 ways to take control of your financial wellbeing

If you’re losing sleep over looming bills, scared to check your bank balance before payday, or feeling stretched living week to week, these may be signs that your financial health…


New app aims to increase moments of joy and connection

A new app, released recently for World Happiness Day, is encouraging people to spend more time with friends and family in order to help us live longer and be happier….


Understanding the Age Pension income and assets test

What is the Age Pension and am I eligible? The Age Pension is an income support payment provided by the government to people who have reached age pension age. Generally,…


Investment options and retirement

If retirement was on your horizon in the next five years or so, the market downturn due to COVID-19 coronavirus might have prompted you to take a closer look at…


Protecting your loved ones

You’re working hard to take care of your family now – so it makes sense that you’ve already put a financial safety net in place that will protect them if…

Financial Planning

Protect yourself from COVID-19 related scams

Aside from the shutdowns, job losses and restrictions, there’s been another worrying element to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic – scammers are zeroing in on the changes to our financial interactions…


Community integral for men’s mental health

Collegiality and support systems – in the workplace or elsewhere – is critical for the long-term health and wellbeing of men, argues one advocate. In a recent conversation on The…

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