Five ways to simplify your life

If managing life’s everyday complexities only seem achievable when you’re daydreaming about the chef, cleaner, personal assistant or nanny that you don’t have, you’re probably not alone.

And, if ‘turbulent’ is the way you’d describe your day-to-day routine, these tips may help you get back the hours you need for the things that matter most.

1. Organisation – the Holy Grail

Planning yours or the family’s life can take a lot of headspace so it’s important to unload your brain and write things down – and with technology on your side; being organised doesn’t have to mean being “old school”.

There are plenty of great digital apps available to help you and your family stay on track, some of them allow you to share lists and calendars across all of your devices.

And when it comes to being organised, less can often be more. Why not keep your mail and filing to a minimum by switching to online statements? Going paperless is faster, more convenient and better for the environment.

2. Manage your money

Being busy can often be a good excuse to put off small tasks that can help you be better off financially – the key is to start small and pick off the ‘easy’ jobs.

Start with a budget calculator. Be realistic, don’t spend what you haven’t got and automate bills and savings on or near pay day to ensure you’re left with just the right amount of spending money.

Another easy task is consolidating your super. Most of us can say that we’ve changed jobs or moved homes at least once in our lives and this can often result in losing contact with your super fund/s. Having your super in one place means you can stay on track of your retirement savings and avoid multiple fees and charges.

3. Work on the inside out

Keeping a focus on your own health and wellbeing may help curb disruptions like illnesses. A balanced meal plan, getting enough sleep and regularly blocking out time for physical activities like the gym or a walk in the park may help with a range of things like increasing your endorphins or improving your mood and energy levels.

If finding the time is a pressure point, consider services like Hello Fresh or Lite ‘n Easy to take care of your meals for you – remember, there are plenty of options and providers so make sure you shop around to find the best one that suits your needs.

Also look at incidental exercise opportunities in your daily routine – like getting off the bus or train one stop early and walking the rest of the way.

4. Let someone else do it

If all else fails, outsource. Supermarkets now deliver to your doorstep, so you no longer have to waste hours on the weekend trawling the aisles.

And, don’t forget to delegate. For odd jobs you need help with, check out Airtasker, an online marketplace where you can outsource anything from tidying up your resume to assembling Ikea furniture. Or reach out to the family, older kids can get away with doing more sophisticated chores like mowing the lawns or washing the car.

5. De-clutter your home and mind

A tidier home, car, wardrobe and work station can make a big difference. Research reveals that crowded physical spaces impact your ability to focus and relax. An added bonus is when you have a place for everything; you’re also less likely to misplace your keys.

Your mind may benefit from space as well. Disconnecting from your phone, emails and social media can be essential for your health, wellbeing and sanity. Venture outside or listen to some good music, catch a comedy or see a friend uninterrupted. It’s important to factor in time for yourself.

We can help you take the load off

Finances can take up a big part of your life, speak to us to explore some of your options. Taking care of your finances may help free you up to do more of what you love.

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Zac Zacharia (Managing Director) has been assisting clients to create wealth and secure their futures for over 14 years.

He is also an accomplished presenter and educator

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