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Approaching the dawn


COVID-19 has completely, and mercilessly, dictated the direction of economies and financial markets through most of this year. So, as we rapidly approach the end of an extremely unpredictable and volatile year, what's in store for 2021?


General Insights

Vaccination rates as they happen around the world


A new resource is now available that shows the rates per country of COVID-19 vaccinations.  We all suffered in many ways as COVID number increased, now, as expected, let's watch them start to drop.


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Don’t forget to disinfect these items and areas to prevent getting sick

To keep you and your family safe and healthy,  it is important to remember that there are certain areas and items that are crucial to disinfect. This is even more…

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Retirement costs rising despite COVID impacts


The cost of a comfortable retirement in Australia has gone up over the September quarter despite COVID-induced lifestyle changes, new research has revealed.


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Government targets fund expenditure, best interests in new super reforms


Recently released draft exposure legislation will require trustees of super funds, including SMSFs, to exercise their powers in the best financial interests of beneficiaries and require APRA-regulated funds to support their expenditures with evidence.


General Insights Superannuation & SMSF

Small SMSFs develop rapidly


The latest industry research has shown SMSFs with low balances grow to levels allowing them to become cost-efficient very quickly.


General Insights

ATO flags key deadlines for early release of super


With the end of the year drawing closer, the ATO has outlined some of the cut-off dates and deadlines applying for members wanting to apply for the early release of their super.


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Super, death, and taxes


An interesting finding in the federal government's Retirement Income Review report is that many Australians are dying with the majority of the wealth they had when they retired.


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The race to a Vaccine for Covid-19

The American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer, in collaboration with German firm BioNTech, surprised the world when it announced their coronavirus vaccine showed 90% efficacy in preventing COVID-19. Days later, another American…

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Super funds have ‘a good chance’ of finishing the year in positive territory

Australian superannuation funds have crawled back the losses experienced during the COVID market crash and now have “a good chance” of finishing the calendar year in positive territory, new research has…

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