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Executor of will and power of attorney: What’s the difference?

What is the difference between an executor of will and power of attorney? Let’s discuss their roles and why they are both important tools in estate planning. None of us…

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Should the government add $5k to low-income super balances?

Superannuation funds are proposing that the Morrison government should add $5,000 to low-income earners’ retirement funds, after 1 million young workers have emptied their super during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian Institute…

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5 strategies for successful ‘work from home’ policies


As Australian businesses implement work from home arrangements as part of their business contingency plans, managers need to consider how to accommodate telecommuting arrangements without sacrificing productivity and team dynamics, says one recruitment firm.


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Proposed super reforms set to add $50k to your retirement

The government is being urged to ignore the “self-interest” of the superannuation funds and pass the Your Future, Your Super reforms to help members pocket an extra $50,000 in retirement….

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Will Aussies be forced to ‘eat their own homes’ for lack of super?

The architect of Australia’s superannuation system believes members need between $300,000 and $500,000 in retirement, meaning that the rate of super will need to rise to 15 per cent. In…

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Government urged to make superannuation visible in family court

With the Morrison government decidedly abandoning its controversial plan to allow domestic violence survivors early super access, calls are increasing for victims to be enabled access to their superannuation in…

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Boost savings with compound interest

If your goal is to save for the future, or perhaps start putting away for your children’s education – then unless you plan on putting your savings under your mattress,…

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Gifting and financial generosity during coronavirus

Are you thinking of giving or lending money to adult children (or other family members) who are in financial hardship? Parents are often called on to help during times of…

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Frydenberg flags super freeze


Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has weighed in on the superannuation debate in the clearest sign yet that the government may be considering a freeze to the legislated increase.


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The risks in hunting for higher returns


How much investment risk are you willing to take? Find out why it's a question all investors should be considering right now.


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