Are you about to retire? It might be time to review your health insurance cover.

When approaching retirement, you’ll want to do everything in your power to make the process as relaxing & rewarding as possible. One way you can do that? By reviewing your current health insurance policy.

If you’re wondering why, let us explain. Any rewarding retirement is built on a sturdy financial base, and financial advisers can help you review your cover to make sure that it’s suited to your new life situation.

Recent health insurance industry reform has made it easier than ever to understand what your policy entails, and aims to ensure all Australians are covered for exactly what they need, at the right time.

This is crucial when heading into retirement, as you don’t want to be paying more for things you don’t need in this new phase, such as dependents that no longer live at home with you.

Financial advisers can help you easily review your cover and provide access to health insurance discounts, ensuring your policy works with your current life stage and you’re getting the value you need from your cover.

Overall health and wellbeing is just as important as financial wellbeing, so get in touch today and be confident that your health insurance policy is right for you, whatever life stage you’re at.

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