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I’m young. Do I need life insurance now?

Life insurance is usually not something people think about until they begin to accumulate assets, debts and dependents. And there can be a fair amount of information to sift through,…


5 life insurance questions you’ve always wanted to ask

What impact do factors like your weight, age and smoking status have on your ability to buy life insurance?  Life insurers take into account a number of different factors when…


The Value of Financial Advice When Rethinking Your Health Cover

With over 40,000 products in the health insurance market competing for attention, choosing the right cover can be daunting. The marketplace can seem confusing and expensive – but there are…


When was the last time you reviewed your health cover?

Odds are it’s been a while since you looked over your health insurance cover. It’s understandable – there are over 40,000 products in the market and premiums regularly go up….

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The pros and cons of investment bonds

Also called insurance or growth bonds, investment bonds can be a tax-effective way to save for something big. If you’re saving for a particular goal, looking for an alternative to…

Financial Planning Insurance Retirement

Insurance through my super

Am I better off buying insurance through my super? When it comes to arranging insurance it’s important to decide what types of insurance are available to you and what you’ll…


What exactly is income protection insurance and do I need it?

Have you ever wondered how you and your family would cope if you had an injury or illness and couldn’t work for several months or even years? For some people,…


How and why to talk to your adult children about insurance

Adult children living at home. It’s the premise for many a zany Hollywood comedy. Men in their ‘30s or ‘40s living with their mums, modern city families having to move…


Blinded by optimism

We’re designed to believe bad things won’t happen but it pays to think clearly and put plans in place, ahead of time. Behavioural science reveals that it’s in our nature…


Is your insurance overdue?

If your policy lapses, you may face more challenges than being unable to claim when you need to. If you let your insurance lapse, you may be in for a…

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