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Is your insurance overdue?

If your policy lapses, you may face more challenges than being unable to claim when you need to. If you let your insurance lapse, you may be in for a…

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One in three Aussies travel without protection

It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to summer holidays, but amid the excitement of choosing a destination, don’t forget to arrange travel cover. In the last…


I’m young. Do I need life insurance now?

Life insurance is usually not something people think about until they begin to accumulate assets, debts and dependents. And there can be a fair amount of information to sift through,…

Financial Planning Insurance

The difference between Stepped and Level Premiums for your life insurance

Stepped versus level premiums is a conversation we always have with every client when considering long term life insurance cover. Choosing which is better is more than an economic consideration…

General Insights Insurance

Sun safety

Snags sizzling on the BBQ, fresh-cut grass and a hint of sunscreen. Australia is the sunniest continent on earth. Whatever the season – summer, winter, autumn or spring – we’re blessed with…


5 Questions to ask yourself before buying Life Insurance

Choosing to take out life insurance is a great start to protect the ones you love. But knowing what type and how much cover may not be as clear? Investing…

Insurance Property

The right insurance can help you cover a mortgage

You’ve worked tirelessly to own the home of your dreams. But if you suffered from a health complication, would you be able to cover your mortgage repayments? Almost half a…


Should I buy insurance direct or with an adviser?

From booking a holiday to assembling flatpack furniture, some Australians are confident taking a DIY approach, while others look to professionals for support. We explore the benefits of both. What…

Education Insurance

Things you need to know about personal insurance

Personal insurance premiums have increased significantly over the past 18 months, running the risk that cost-conscious consumers might consider cutting back their cover. Suddenly those quick, off-the-shelf insurance products advertised…

Financial Planning Insurance

Confusion lingers over post-death insurance

There is a lack of clarity around the post-death receipt of insurance and questions remain over which member accounts it can be credited to, according to the SMSF Association.

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