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The perks and price of going private

The increased cost of health premiums coming into effect from 1 April has already prompted four in 10 privately insured Australians to reassess the value they are getting from their…


Climate forcing Australians to cough up more for insurance

Consumers could bear the brunt of an increase in the sheer magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events due to the impact climate is having on Australian insurers. A new…


What does age and occupation have to do with disability insurance?

Occupation, smoking status and an individual’s age have all been revealed as key factors influencing an Australian worker’s likelihood of needing to make a disability or life insurance claim. A…


Life insurers won’t falter on COVID-19 cover

Workers who have lost their jobs, been stood down or are working less hours as a result of COVID-19 won’t be negatively impacted by changes to their total and permanent…


Life insurance coverage can’t discriminate due to COVID-19

Frontline workers looking to purchase life insurance can be assured they won’t be excluded from coverage due to potential or actual exposure to the COVID-19 virus. The Australian Competition and…


What is ‘essential’ insurance?

What’s the most important insurance to have, according to Australians? If you answered car insurance and home and contents insurance – you’re correct. They’re the only two types of insurance that…


Fool-proofing your insurance with a financial adviser

Did you know advised individuals are more likely to be successful when making an insurance claim? Here’s why. Andrew Zbik, a senior financial planner with Creation Wealth, has conceded that insurance…


Revealed: The top 3 reasons Australians need life insurance

A deep dive into Australian insurance data has revealed the top reasons why Australians make claims against their life insurance, total and permanent disability cover and income protection insurance. It’s…

Insurance Retirement

Thinking about insurance ahead of retirement

Finding the right level of insurance cover is important when you’re thinking about retirement. If retirement’s coming up on your horizon, the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) may have thrown a…

Financial Planning Insurance

The end of Income Protection Insurance as we know it

Recently APRA announced major changes to the structure of Income Protection policies. It will occur in a matter of weeks and is not receiving any publicity in the mainstream media so we…

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