5 Sports you never considered to pick up as an adult

You’re a competitive person, but the demands of adult life – work, relationships and all those weekend brunches – have chewed away at the time you used to spend satisfying that competitive edge. 

The easiest way to scratch that itch should be to lace your boots back up and hit the pitch again, but so many of the sports we used to play are harder to get back into the older we get. How do you get back to playing sport as an adult?

No one wants to spend a Tuesday night at training running suicides on a wet winter soccer pitch just to play a five-minute cameo off the bench come Saturday. On the other hand, no one wants to play against that “social” netball team that actually trains. 

But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom for your sporting career! Once you think outside the box, there great casual sports you can start playing right now to get fit, active, and scratch that competitive itch again.

A quick online search of these sports in your city or state can point you to your closest club. Give them a call or send them an email and soon you’ll be ready to go.

1. Ultimate frisbee

Don’t let the gentle glide of that flying disc fool you. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast paced game that will get your heart rate soaring as you dart around to lose your defender before taking a clean mark of the disc.

A few diving goals and big wins will make you feel like it was well worth it.

2. Disc golf

So you the art of throwing a Frisbee captures your imagination, but you want something a little easier on the body? Frisbee golf is just the sport for you.

Disc Golf lets you enjoy the social side of golf without the financial demands of club fees and, well, actual clubs.

3. Inline hockey

Inline Hockey is growing all across Australia and there’s never been a better time to start. The game is fast but simple: Score more goals than your opponents in two 20-minute halves, go as hard as you can while you’re on the rink because rotations are aplenty.

This is a little more equipment-intensive than the other sports in this list.
Once you’re at that point, you know you’ll be sticking around.

4. Softball

It’s lived in the shadow of baseball and cricket for a long time, but softball is fun, easy to learn, and comes with the prospect of magic moments like home-runs, strikeouts, big slides and diving catches.

4. Quidditch

Need we say more? With some slightly abridged rules needed to adapt to, well, reality, Quidditch offers something very similar to the Harry Potter game we fell in love with. Long distance runners can play as Seekers, contact sport lovers will revel as Bludgers, Keepers can take in the new challenge of protecting goals with a broom between their legs, and everybody in between can have a shot at general play as Chasers.

Grab your brooms, brew some butter beer for post-match celebrations, and make your Quidditch World Cup (now actually a real thing) dreams come true.

Article reproduced from TheCusp
by Eugene Yang

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