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Pros and cons: Should you buy a new or used car?

We help you weigh up the pros and cons of buying a brand new car against buying a used car The age-old conundrum when faced with a car purchase is…

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How many good summers do you want?

Martin Hawes, financial adviser and outdoor adventurer, wrote the inspirational book Twenty Good Summers many years ago. It’s still in print, and I believe his message grips the imagination of everyone. His…


Teaching your teens to drive

So it’s time for your teen to get behind the wheel, and you just want to keep them safe. Here’s how to cope. Teaching a teenager to drive is a…

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Five ways to simplify your life

If managing life’s everyday complexities only seem achievable when you’re daydreaming about the chef, cleaner, personal assistant or nanny that you don’t have, you’re probably not alone. And, if ‘turbulent’…


How to make your car feel like new again

If things are a bit tight in the hip pocket, here are five affordable ways to give you back that new car feeling The economy is like the weather –…

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Be aware of your money biases

Knowledge is power. The more you’re aware of how your mind works the more you can adjust your attitude towards money. Six cognitive biases that influence how we save, spend…

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Helping grown-up children with their finances

It’s only natural to want to help your kids with big ticket items to give them a good start in life—particularly in an era when tuition fees and house prices…


Getting down with cars

You’ve found a car you like, you’ve done your homework and all the numbers check out. Great! Now you need to inspect the car and see if there are any…

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What kind of money parent are you?

Many parents approach the topic of money differently, but could your way of doing things influence your kids’ success? The majority of Aussie mums and dads recognise that they’re accountable…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

Our top 10 lifestyle costs

Six out of the top 10 categories relate to just two things. Can you guess what they are, and could you be cutting back? As a nation, Aussies aged 18…

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