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Five tips for happy healthy ageing

The best ways to sustain or improve physical, mental and financial wellbeing in your pre and post retirement years are sometimes the simplest. If you’re in or approaching retirement, you…

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How to have a social life and save money

Saving money can be lonely and boring and hard. Saying ‘no’ to weekends away with mates, or not being able to afford big fancy group dinners can leave you feeling…


How can one bounce back after failure?

As tough as it may seem, the sooner that you can take some control and accept the situation, the sooner new ideas emerge, argues Alan Manly. “The feeling of failure is…


A modern-day myth exposed: multi-tasking

If you have little faith in your ability to do more than one thing at a time, science reveals you’re onto something. Cognitive behavioural researchers shine a light on our…


How to love your life

I’ve been asked time and time again, what are some of the practical things people can employ to be happier and more successful on a day-to-day basis? To begin with,…

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Don’t want to work full time?

What are the pros and cons of going part time? If you’re a full time worker you may be considering joining the multitude of Aussie part-timers, and having more time…


5 things you can do today to improve your life

Changing your life doesn’t have to be hard. Do these five simple things today and you’ll be on track to a happier, healthier you.  1.    Get up early That’s right….

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Six little-known hacks to work better and live longer

Just like meditation, bio-hacking is the new tool used by high achievers to boost their performance to incredible levels. Here are six I use religiously to help me do amazing…

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What’s your biggest obstacle to financial success?

Science reveals how our human-hardwiring can get in the way and cost us much more than we think. As humans we have changed a lot over time. Vast periods of…


Seven tips to travel on a budget

Careful planning can help you enjoy a great holiday, whatever your budget. Does it feel like ages since your last holiday? Maybe with responsibilities like paying off your credit card,…

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