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When to charge your kids board

I recently came across a news story about a hapless New York couple, who have taken their 30-year old son to court in a last ditch effort to get him…

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Lessons from the blue zones: Secrets of a long life

The parts of the world where people live longest may hold the key to the fountain of youth. We explore how to live longer and uncover the Blue Zones’ secrets…

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Family activities to do on a budget

Spending more than what you intended on is a familiar scenario for many people entertaining kids, whether that’s at the movies (you swear you’re bringing your own Maltesers and drink…


Here’s how to lead a happier life

From our beaches and outdoor lifestyle to our democracy and cultural diversity, there’s a lot to feel happy about in Australia. However, living a happy life doesn’t always come easy….


7 money personalities you may identify with or want to avoid

Are you the friend that shouts more than what you can afford, or the one that’s happy with a handout because no one knows struggle street like you do? When…

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3 bad habits to avoid on Melbourne Cup race day

    It may be the race that stops the nation, but it’s also an annual event that amplifies potentially destructive habits that wreak havoc on our overall wellbeing, according…


What to eat during an intense endurance workout

Running season is here, and more and more people are getting in shape for the upcoming endurance events. What to eat during your race is a question I get asked…


These are the 7 essential nutrients you need to survive

I’m the first to admit that the world of nutrition is seriously complicated. But luckily for the average Joe just wanting to eat to better their health, it doesn’t have…


Aqua boxing is a thing and you’ll want in

Combat-style training is a great way to improve your cardio fitness and build muscle strength, but repeatedly throwing punches at a sandbag can leave your joints worse for wear. However, that’s set to change…


The worst things to eat after working out, according to a dietitian

Whether you’re trying to peak your endurance, pump your muscles or palm off some body fat, choosing the wrong recovery foods can negate all your hard work. Here are some…

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