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Don’t forget to disinfect these items and areas to prevent getting sick

To keep you and your family safe and healthy,  it is important to remember that there are certain areas and items that are crucial to disinfect. This is even more…

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Are you on F.I.R.E.?

This is probably not a very sensitive title for a blog, given the very vivid memories of the bushfires that devastated many parts of Australia this time last year. However,…

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5 ways to shop a little smarter this Christmas

If cash flow is looking a tad grim this year, here are some ideas to up the presents under the tree, noting it’s the presence around it that really counts….

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How are Australians planning on spending their tax savings?

Essential bills, savings accounts, Christmas gifts and exchange-traded funds appear to be the big winners from the latest round of tax cuts, new research has revealed. During the 2020 budget, it…

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How to create a budget for the holiday season

The holiday season can certainly take a toll on your wallet. And it’s not entirely surprising; the season of giving is usually seen as the season of spending. The average…

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The race to a Vaccine for Covid-19

The American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer, in collaboration with German firm BioNTech, surprised the world when it announced their coronavirus vaccine showed 90% efficacy in preventing COVID-19. Days later, another American…

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All I want or need for Christmas?

The lead-up to Christmas and the holiday period, while full of joy, can also have a significant impact on financial and holistic wellness. I would like a dollar for every…


What safety equipment should I expect in my new car

Automotive safety tech is ever-evolving. Here’s the WhichCar guide to the minimum safety features you should aim for in your next new car. The days are long gone when airbags…


Best anti-theft options

How to beat car thieves and make sure your new car remains yours. As anti-theft technology in the modern car improves, criminals are also getting wiser, learning how to circumvent…


Do wireless phone chargers in cars damage phones?

Wireless induction is more convenient way to charge your phone, but is it less safer to you or your phone than using a USB cable? What is wireless phone charging?…

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