Is meditation the key to greatness?

We know that meditation is a health and wellness potion, but could it also be the elixir for success?

The ancient practice of meditation has not changed for thousands of years and has been experienced by mystics, artists and inventors as a tool for their greatness. Some of the greatest minds in history – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Plato and Walt Whitman – all meditated.

Today there are many celebrities that use meditation as a tool to support their creativity and attribute it to their success.

Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, Gisele Bündchen, Ellen DeGeneres, Nicole Kidman and Oprah all use meditation to boost creativity and sharpen their skills. We aren’t just talking about musicians, actors/ actresses, models and filmmakers either – meditation is a tool being used by those across a diverse range of industries including investment banking, teaching, design, construction, IT and any job that throws you in a volatile market that requires quick thinking and patience but often breeds impulse instead.

Meditation helps improve happiness

It’s been shown that meditation increases dopamine – the motivation chemical that also improves mood and allows you to experience feelings of pleasure, enjoyment and euphoria.

Happiness supports your drive for success, whenever goals are set, setbacks can be experienced, so finding happiness in those setbacks could just be the elixir to keep you going.

Meditation improves focus, concentration and creativity

Ever have a mental block trying to write a report, paper, story, or even just an email? Sick of being the quiet one in those brainstorm meetings at work? Would you prefer to be able to contribute and fire away creative idea after creative idea?

Meditation not only allows you to focus better on the task at hand but there’s also support to show that it enhances memory and boosts creativity too.

Opening your mind with the tool of meditation could be where your greatness rises beyond the shapes that you already know. It could be the building blocks of new ideas, art work or solutions that your life has not seen yet, exposing the innovation and creative expression of your own uniqueness.

Meditation removes roadblocks

What roadblocks have you hit that stop you from being successful and from reaching your goals? There are many forms of meditation you can explore that could translate into success across your personal and professional life. Meditation has the ability to unlock your greatest stories, goals and accomplishments yet.

Meditation is for everyone. Want to try it on for size to see what it can do for you? You can try out our Ignite by EYI seven-day Meditation and Mindfulness program on VARLAH that gently eases you into the world of meditation with guided and unguided meditations, breath exercises, reflection journal, educational videos and a seven-day planner – so you can literally take your practice with you wherever you are. Give it a go, and see if this is the golden key to greatness.

How to meditate starting now

Sit comfortably, anywhere, chair, floor, bus or toilet

Back is straight

Close your eyes

Watch your breath, inhale and exhale

Allow the focus of your mind to stay on the breath


That’s it!

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