The many benefits of rebounding (it has nothing to do with dating)

If you ever owned a trampoline as a child you’d know how much fun jumping on the spot can actually be. But did you know trampoline workouts – better known as rebounding – can benefit your lymphatic system, improve cardiovascular development, and build physical strength?

Rebounding has taken over the fitness world, with fans like Simone De La Rue, founder of Body By Simone and trainer to Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, releasing a series of workouts that require a mini trampoline. “I have incorporated trampoline workouts into my one-on-one private sessions for years now,” Simone explains. “I like to mix up the cardio between dance cardio, jump rope and the tramp. It keeps the muscles challenge and the mind active and present.”

The idea of rebounding has been around for a long time, but it gained popularity in the 1980s when NASA studied its benefits while trying to find an effective way to help astronauts recover and regain bone and muscle mass after being in space. The study found that rebounding can be more than twice as effective as treadmill running, offering more benefits with less oxygen used and less exertion on the heart.

The NASA study also concluded that working out on the trampoline, or rebounding, has way less impact on the joints, soft tissue and skeleton. Due to how a trampoline is made, most often using either springs or bungee bands, it absorbs much of the impact at every bounce.

De La Rue also purports the benefits of post-pregnancy rebounding, explaining “Trampoline workouts can be gentler when returning to exercise. The soft mat of the tramp cushions the impact. It’s also a great way of learning to re-engage your abdominal wall again, without the strain.”

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