The ultimate guide to yoga etiquette

We all know someone who’ll appreciate this. 

Stack up good karma points and follow this etiquette guide if you’re new to yoga – or just need a little refresh on how to make sure the vibe is right from the get-go… for you, and those around you.


Be early

Don’t arrive to class in a crazy rush. Allow time so you can arrive 15 minutes early to soak up some of that Zen peace before the practice begins. Also, some studios tend to lock the rooms once class get started so you won’t even be able to get in! Knocking on the door is not going to generate great vibes.


Head’s up

Don’t be embarrassed, yoga teachers love new students. Be sure to always let the teacher know you are new to class, and of any injuries you may have. This way they can take much better care of you, and you are more likely to get special attention. Bonus.



Definitely make a beeline for the middle of the room if you you are new. This way you have people all around to use as good guides on what to do. Not all teacher’s demonstrate, and if they do, don’t feel like you also have to replicate them exactly. Snapping off your own leg is a hard story to explain in the ER. Just go gently and do your best to replicate within your capabilities the postures which are taught.



A block and a yoga strap are super handy to have, especially if your idea of stretching is touching your knees. The strap will be your Go Go Gadget arm to help you find your foot when your hands can’t.


Mind the perfume

Little known, but definitely an insider’s tip, do not be heavy handed with your favourite scent. Simple deodorant is good, but if your eau de toilette is a halo you travel with, don’t go there. You breathe through your nose in yoga so if you see people moving their mats away from you, take it as a hint. Less is more here. Also, use toothpaste or mouthwash, you can be super close to your neighbour and your teacher, so prepared is always best.


No shoes

And no socks. Let your toes be free (and ideally pedicured beautifully) when practicing. You’ll need those little gems for gripping the mat.


Quiet zone

Most studios encourage whisper talking or none at all, best to respect this vibe or endure eyes boring into the back of your head, or a pretty severe smack down from the studio manager.


No phones

Okay, we completely get that is attached to your ear – or hand – but this is one time to stow it in your locker. The shame of your phone going off during class (savasana is even worse) or of being caught checking that text is just not worth the pain.


Dress code

Comfortable active wear is best. Don’t go to short of skimpy or you may regret delaying that wax. Plus, the truth is, if you don’t want to see it, who on earth would want to?


Child posture

If you remember nothing else, but this for your first class, it will save you. If you feel completely overwhelmed and your sweating is so perfuse that you can’t see the teacher any more, just drop to your knees and stretch forward. This way you can take a time out whenever you need it and you look like you know what you are doing even when you don’t. #Winning.

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