Would you lie on a bed of nails for health’s sake?

The Shakti Mat is an acupressure mat designed to relax the body and calm the mind. It can be traced back 2000 years to India when it was used as a physical ‘bed of nails’ by Himalayan yogis, and then reinterpreted in 2008 by a Swedish yogi called Om Mokshananda.

The yogis who first introduced the idea of the Shakti Mat found that the physiological change the body underwent on nail beds aided their meditation practice. By getting through the initial feelings of discomfort it helped to cultivate resilience, and eventually eased the body and mind into a place of stillness.

The Mat is now sold all over the world as a meditation and yoga aid, and an acupressure massage for sport and muscle recovery. Working virtually like an acupressure massage, the mat aims to assist in bloody circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery, and a deep and restful sleep.

I agree to try it for journalism’s sake, using it both under my feet and on my chair for a day in the office. While at first, it looks utterly terrifying, I soon realise that the initial shock of feeling the spikes with my fingers does not linger once you put your weight on the mat. It doesn’t quite hurt, but a little on the unpleasant side. Overall, it is quite invigorating under my feet, and I definitely feel a pressure release of sorts.

The Original Shakti Mat has 6,000 points, made by hand in India from 100% Certified Organic Cotton & natural dyes, and using recyclable, durable ABS non-toxic plastic.

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