5 tips to boost your super over summer

Just a few minutes of effort now could pay off significantly in the long run.

With many Aussies enjoying a well-deserved break or easing back into work as the new year begins, Industry Super Australia (ISA) has put together a list of simple super tips that it says could make a lifetime of difference.

“There are five easy tips to getting your super right and most can be done from the comfort of your deck chair, beach towel or at home,” said ISA chief executive Bernie Dean.

Firstly, ISA suggests that individuals should check with their super fund to ensure they are getting paid all of their legal super entitlements.

Three million workers are impacted by unpaid super each year, according to the industry body, with a total cost of $5 billion.

“With the Super Guarantee set to rise to 12 per cent it is even more important to make sure you are getting paid your full legal entitlement and that the fund is working for you,” said Mr Dean.

ISA also encouraged workers to check that their current fund is meeting their needs by comparing it with other super products.

Recent changes to super stapling could cost individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars by being stuck with an underperforming super fund. Only 7 per cent of the one million members of underperforming funds had closed their accounts as of November last year.

Consolidating multiple super funds into one account by finding lost or unpaid super via tools provided by the Australian Taxation Office is another way workers can boost their super.

Individuals should also ensure that the type of fund they are in and the level of insurance coverage provided is appropriate.

“Make sure the investment strategy matches your needs and appetite for risk – which your fund can help you with,” said ISA.

Finally, ISA encouraged workers to consider putting any extra money they come across, from loose change to a windfall such as an inheritance, into their super.

“It is a tax-effective way to make savings and with the power of compounding interest a little invested in super now, makes a big difference in retirement,” the industry body said.

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Article courtesy of Nestegg

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