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A letter from your superfund?

You may have received a letter from your superfund recently.  If so, this is what it is about. From 1 July 2019, superannuation fund members with inactive accounts risk losing…

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Labor vs Liberal: How each party’s policies will affect your financial future

Superannuation is one of the key battlegrounds in the upcoming federal election. Here, we run through the key policy pushes from both of the major parties. CONTRIBUTIONS Non-concessional contributions cap…

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Super investment options – What’s right for you?

Choosing the right super investment options at the right time could make a difference to how much money you have when you retire. When it comes to your superannuation, the…

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Personal super contributions and the 10% test

With Labor threatening to reinstate the 10 per cent test if elected, SMSF clients may want to make the most of their ability to claim deductions for personal contributions this financial year, says a technical expert.

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Budget 2019/20 – Tax Cuts and a Surplus! Can it get any better?

Key points – The 2019-20 Budget “delivers” the long-awaited surplus and increased fiscal stimulus mainly via tax cuts/offsets.  – The main risk is that the revenue boost is not sustained…

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When super isn’t compulsory

As Australia’s $2.8-trillion super system attracts even more headlines than usual, more people may mistakenly assume that almost everyone in the workforce is covered by at least compulsory contributions.

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ATO identifies SMSF contravention red flags

The ATO has identified certain red flags and problem areas with SMSFs that will attract its attention, ahead of tax time 2019.

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It’s time to get your super sorted

With the new year upon us, now is a good time to get your superannuation into shape. Figures released in 2018 showed duplicate account fees and insurance premiums had eroded…

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High-risk LRBAs, TBAR on the ATO’s radar this year

LRBA – Limited recourse borrowing arrangements

TBAR – Transfer balance account reporting

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The figure that got me serious about Super in my 20s

For most of my 20s, super occupied a space in my brain alongside anti-aging creams, bingo and dentures: things I wouldn’t have to worry about for a long, long time….

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