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Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

Spotlight on super performance

Superannuation has provided most fund members with stellar returns since last year’s COVID lows. As always though, some funds performed better than others and recent government reforms make it easier…

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

SMSFs on the rise among Gen X and Z

Self-managed super funds have a lot to offer younger Australians looking for greater control over their financial future.  Growing awareness of what self-managed super funds (SMSFs) can offer is catching…

Financial Planning Investment Retirement Superannuation & SMSF

Why it will now cost more to retire

The cost of retiring just increased, with surging fuel costs and the rising price of food and healthcare negatively impacting a retiree’s bottom line. According to the latest figures by…

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

What you need to know before moving your shares into your super

Cash isn’t the only way to contribute to your super, but there are critical details you’ll want to keep in mind before you start messing with in-specie contributions. Moving your…

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

All you need to know about Super Contributions

There are a number of ways to make or receive contributions to your super account. Let us count the ways and help you work out the best fit for you….

Retirement Superannuation & SMSF

What do you need to think about when deciding when to retire?

When it comes to planning for retirement, it’s important to prepare yourself emotionally and financially. If you’re building your retirement plan, here are some things you may want to think…

Superannuation & SMSF

Does your SMSF Trust deed comply?


An SMSF trust deed must have a series of non-negotiable items in it, such as rules allowing the use of a contribution suspense account.


Lifestyle Superannuation & SMSF

Downsizer and bring forward combination creates new opportunities for super strategy


With the recent bring-forward measures passed along with further extension proposed in the federal budget, its combination with potential downsizer rule changes creates a different perspective for the SMSF strategy when it comes to implementation.


Financial Planning Retirement Superannuation & SMSF

Your guide to the super guarantee and rate changes

From 1 July 2021, the contributions your employer is required to make into your super fund, under the super guarantee, will increase to 10% of your before-tax income. The super…

Retirement Superannuation & SMSF

Drawdown relief for all pensions


The reduced minimum pension relief that will now apply for the 2022 financial year is not restricted to account-based pensions, said a legal specialist.


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