5 painless money saving hacks you can sneak into your day-to-day

Reaching your money-saving goals often feels like a big job that’s for Future You to deal with. But there are some choices you can make to your regular routine that won’t affect you too much, other than fattening up your wallet, of course.

With that, here are five money saving tips you can use every day, starting right now.

1 / 5 Order drinks at the bar

Rounds are dangerous. We’ve all been in the position where we’re ordering pots and out friends are requesting pints. While the house red might be what you’re ordering when you’re saving for something, it’s often not what your respective drinking buddies are after. The solution? Get your own drinks to ensure you’re not footing the bill for someone else’s preferences.

2 / 5 Use men’s products

The only difference between razors, toothbrushes and even some skincare and hair products that are ‘for men’ and ‘for women’ is the price. The markup can often be as much as 50%. So if you’re a lady looking for some personal care items, always compare the prices in the men’s aisle of the supermarket.

3 / 5 Buy certain cuts of meat

Particular cuts of meat are significantly cheaper than others. For example, beef chuck steak is considerably cheaper than other cuts and is perfect for stews or anything slow cooked.

Love yourself some chook? Then go chicken thighs – not only do they have far more flavour and are usually juicier once cooked (because they’re on the bone) than chicken breast, but they’re always  far cheaper too.

4 / 5 Go big where possible

This doesn’t mean splurging on unnecessary items, but you should consider buying in bulk wherever possible as you actually spend less per gram. Not only will it save you trips to the shops, but it will save you hundreds of dollars a year. Good things to buy in bulk? Grains, dried beans, pasta nuts, seeds, pet food, paper towel, toilet paper – if it’s non-perishable and you can store it, you should buy it in bulk.

5 / 5 Yes, you know it – coffee

No one has a vendetta against delicious coffee, really we promise. However – and this is a big however – if you’re currently supporting a two-a-day caffeine habit, you’re likely to be spending close to $3000 a year on coffee. Yes, really. Make it at home, cut down to one, or stick with the machine at work to save some serious dosh on the regular.

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Article reproduced from TheCusp

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