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Financial Planning

Top ways to cut your expenses and increase your savings

Is the key to saving a home deposit as simple as giving up smashed avo toast for breakfast? Well not quite, but spending less does make a difference. On top…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

3 New Year’s resolutions that will save you money

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reassess your goals and set yourself up for financial success, writes Joel Dooner. Many common New Year’s resolutions require us…

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

SMSFs: How to spot incorrect contributions

Running your own super fund means you have extra responsibilities as a trustee  If you’re running your own self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) you’re likely to be acting as both a…

Financial Planning

Women’s financial literacy ‘has been below par for far too long’

Women have to take responsibility for their financial literacy before settling down or “risk a future riddled with money problems”, according to one mortgage broker. Zippy Financial director and principal…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

2 in 5 relying on credit card to fund festive season

According to new research by consumer education website CreditSmart, more than 40 per cent of surveyed Australians said they would rely on credit to help them with their festive budget…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

5 saving graces of giftmas

Gift giving is one of life’s joys, until the credit card bill comes through. According to a recent Financial Planning Association of Australia report, 85% of us find more joy…

Financial Planning Retirement

Rebooting for retirement

As retirement comes into view, it’s time to imagine a new you for the post-work age. You remember your first day at school, your first job, your first home. And…

Financial Planning

Staying financially well as the years go by

Our financial priorities tend to change as we move through life The good news from AMP’s 2018 Financial Wellness Index is that only 7% of Australian retirees aged 65 or over…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

3 ways to take control of your financial wellbeing

If you’re losing sleep over looming bills, scared to check your bank balance before payday, or feeling stretched living week to week, these may be signs that your financial health…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

10 ways to boost your financial wellness over the festive period

The lead-in to Christmas and the holiday period, whilst full of joy, can also have a significant impact on financial and holistic wellness. Two in five Australian workers are financially…

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