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Financial Planning

Staying financially well as the years go by

Our financial priorities tend to change as we move through life The good news from AMP’s 2018 Financial Wellness Index is that only 7% of Australian retirees aged 65 or over…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

10 ways to boost your financial wellness over the festive period

The lead-in to Christmas and the holiday period, whilst full of joy, can also have a significant impact on financial and holistic wellness. Two in five Australian workers are financially…

Financial Planning

7 tips to improve your financial wellness

What is financial wellness? How you feel, is your wellness. How you feel about your money is your financial wellness. This can be measured by the financial wellness index, which…

Financial Planning Retirement

3 factors affecting retirement income

High life expectancy and low interest rates may make it harder for some retirees to live long and prosper.  Here we look at three elements from an AMP Capital Investors…

Financial Planning

The main benefits of professional financial help.

Unfortunately, of recent times there has been no shortage of negative press, comment and sentiment about financial planners but what is the real picture?

Budgeting Financial Planning

How To Combat ATM Fee Charges

CONSUMERS who use ATMs not owned by their own banks paid $660 million in mostly unnecessary fees. A large chunk of this money could be kept in people’s pockets with…

Financial Planning

Boost savings with compound interest

If your goal is to save for the future, or perhaps start putting away for your children’s education – then unless you plan on putting your savings under your mattress,…

Financial Planning

Spending money in a cashless world

How the move to electronic payments could be making it easier to spend and what to do about it. It’s Thursday morning and almost the end of the working week….

Financial Planning

Women’s financial literacy ‘has been below par for far too long’

Women have to take responsibility for their financial literacy before settling down or “risk a future riddled with money problems”, according to one mortgage broker. Zippy Financial director and principal…

Financial Planning

How do you save for that rainy day

It’s not just our farmers who keep their eyes on the horizon for rain.  Recent research found almost twice as many Australians think saving for an emergency or a rainy…

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