Six little-known hacks to work better and live longer

Just like meditation, bio-hacking is the new tool used by high achievers to boost their performance to incredible levels. Here are six I use religiously to help me do amazing things. 

1. Always exercise before you eat. Moving before eating cranks up your metabolism. Even 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t matter where you are. I have even done stretches, squats and push-ups on a plane. Embarrassing? Maybe, but no more than getting old and incapacitated.

2. Move as much as you can throughout the day, at least every 30 minutes. Standing is better than sitting but still bad for you. Moving is the best thing you can do for your health. Research shows that moving regularly throughout the day is more effective than doing a workout at the end of the day. Go for walks, do push-ups, squats, stretches etc. for two minutes every 30 minutes. Only two minutes! And at the end of the day, do a four-minute Tabata training when you get home.

3. Stop eating three hours before bedtime and fast for 12-16 hours overnight. Eat your biggest meal when the sun is strongest. If you have to eat late, then eat light. A handful of nuts or seeds and low sugar fruit such as papaya or blueberries. Going to sleep with a full stomach is the quickest way to age and wake up tired.

4. Don’t eat when you are stressed. Breath. Meditate.Whatever it takes. You are NOT what you eat. You are what you absorb. And you cannot absorb nutrients when you are in a state of fight or flight. Any food ingested during this time becomes toxic for the body, no matter how ‘healthy’ it is.

5. Get scientific about food. Biotech testing is now accessible to everyone. I did three tests. Hair mineral analysis. Blood test. And a gut microbiome test. This helped me be more specific about what foods to avoid for my genetic type. Once I avoided these foods, I experienced an energy explosion within 7 days. One of our faculty members, Alessandra Edwards will be speaking in great detail about this at Upgrade Your Life.

6. Get scientific about sleep. I discovered my chrono-type and optimised my sleeping patterns. We are all different. Not just when it comes to diet and exercise but also when it comes to sleep. We have unique chrono-types that is genetically wired into us from birth. When you sleep according to your type you will wake up feeling fresh and mentally alert. We will also be covering this at Upgrade Your Life.

I know that implementing new habits is tough. And I know that your work life takes a lot of your energy and leaves little for your personal life. I get it, but you need to know that there is an alternative. You just have to get outside your comfort zone and join me at Upgrade Your Life. Together we can kick-start a new life in 2019, find out more here.

Article reproduced from wellness daily.
By Sam Makhoul

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