Month: June 2017

Superannuation & SMSF

How to earn a good return without too much risk

The more risk you take on, the higher your potential reward. At the same time, the more risk you take on, the higher the potential for loss. It’s also important…

Financial Planning

Give your children a saving and investing edge – for life

Perhaps the best way to give your young children a lifetime saving and investing advantage is to ensure they are as financially literate as possible, as early as possible in their lives.

General Insights

‘Bank-like heists’ make way for new wave of cyber crime

Identity theft is an increasingly popular method of cyber crime as opposed to “bank-like heists” of the past, and SMSF trustees are a prime target, according to a university professor.

General Insights

Adequacy of savings still a concern among Australians

The latest research into superannuation showed a significant proportion of Australians were still concerned about having enough money saved to fund their retirement.

General Insights

Recorded Crime – Offenders, 2015-16

What exactly is the picture in Australia when it comes to crime?

General Insights

Low economic growth likely for years

Despite the current resurgence in equity markets, global economic growth was likely to stay low for a number of years as cyclical and structural factors combined to ensure interest rates and inflation remained subdued for the foreseeable future, according to Standard Life Investments.

Financial Planning General Insights

Smart ways to stretch retirement money

Just think that in early June 2008, the Reserve Bank's cash rate stood at 7.25 per cent. Now fast forward nine years to early June 2017 and Australia's current cash rate is 1.5 per cent.

Estate Planning

Do’s and don’ts of estate planning

Most financial planners are now fully aware of the importance of estate planning when it comes to developing a comprehensive financial plan for their clients.

Tax Planning

The 5 things you need to do with your Super before 30 June

The Federal Government’s modified Superannuation reforms will apply from 1 July 2017. Here are five points you need to consider before month end. 1. Review Your Contributions This is the…

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