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2022 money: How to set smarter goals to get ahead

The term goal must be one of the most overused, abused and least successful words in the English language, especially in the corporate world. It’s why I prefer the less…

Budgeting Financial Planning

6 ways to clean up your personal finances

Bringing your spending under control can sometimes feel daunting. Here are some ways to start. More than a few titans of the finance world have suggested that earning money isn’t…

Budgeting Shares

Borrowing money to buy shares: When is it worth it?

Investing with borrowed money can be risky, but it’s all about timing. Using borrowed money to boost your investment strategy isn’t something that you should consider lightly, but that’s not…


3 New Year’s resolutions that will save you money

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reassess your goals and set yourself up for financial success, writes Joel Dooner. Many common New Year’s resolutions require us…


Six practical tips to maximise your savings in 2022

Have you ever wondered how much money you can save in a year? It’s a particularly interesting question when you’ve reached a certain stage in life, for example, if you’ve…

Budgeting Financial Planning

Financial wellness is shifting the way we think about wealth

Australians looking to work towards financial freedom are embracing a new approach. Younger generations are putting their own spin on the traditional wealth-creation journey through a new push towards financial…

Budgeting Lifestyle

2 in 5 relying on credit card to fund festive season

According to new research by consumer education website CreditSmart, more than 40 per cent of surveyed Australians said they would rely on credit to help them with their festive budget…

Budgeting Lifestyle

Watching our online and social spending

The changes to our daily lives of late have caused us to reframe our views on ‘screen time’, an activity that now more than ever takes up a significant proportion…

Budgeting Financial Planning

The pandemic gave investors hope and the opportunity for extra savings

The expectations of Australian investors remain high, despite the circumstances. While the behavioural implications of COVID-19 are likely to be studied for decades to come, early data suggests that the…

Budgeting Financial Planning Lifestyle Retirement

How long will my retirement savings last?

The Retirement Income Review (RIR) noted that many retirees leave large bequests and they would have enjoyed a higher standard of living in retirement if only they had spent some of…

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