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Manage the cost of living

Here are some quick ways to reduce your living costs. Having a money plan helps you stay on top of your spending and bills. There’s also free support and services…


What’s all the noise about loud budgeting?

Loud budgeting is a trend that may have started as a joke but is being embraced by those who want to share their financial goals and priorities and in doing…


The money tips I wish I taught my children when they were young

We live in uncertain times. Just look at all the financial and economic challenges caused by inflation and the rising cost of living as well as relatively high interest rates;…


Spend More Now, Less Financial Pain Later

I like buying high-quality things. And for the longest time, I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that buying high-quality stuff, which perhaps initially was more expensive, actually saved me money in…

Budgeting Financial Planning

Managing your financial health

Understanding financial health Financial health is an important part of our lives. When we take care of our financial health we can better manage financial stress and achieve our financial…

Budgeting Financial Planning

Millions of Aussies unable to make credit card repayments – new data reveals

How are you with your credit card payments? Well, according to new research from Finder, an alarming number of Australians are falling behind on their credit card repayments. In fact,…


6 Habits of Successful People

Why are some people, be they property investors, business people or entrepreneurs, more successful than others? One of the key philosophies is that successful people not only do different things from…

Budgeting Financial Planning

The #1 regret most Australians have about their finances

The topic of financial health is one that many Australians put off for another day. So much so that the number one financial regret of Australians is not prioritising their…


How to budget using the pay-yourself-first method

Here’s three simple steps to create a budget that involves paying yourself before paying your bills. To achieve our financial goals, we need to know where our money is going….


Riches beyond reach: This is how much the average Aussie needs to feel wealthy

Do you feel rich? Well, the average Aussie says they’d need to earn a significant amount of money to feel rich, according to new research. A recent Finder’s survey revealed…

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