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Budgeting Financial Planning

How To Combat ATM Fee Charges

CONSUMERS who use ATMs not owned by their own banks paid $660 million in mostly unnecessary fees. A large chunk of this money could be kept in people’s pockets with…

Budgeting Lifestyle

Only 2 in 5 Aussies stick to allocated food budget

New research has shown that Australians spend $272 billion on food every year and only 40 per cent of us are keeping to our budgets on food spend. The Suncorp Cost…

Budgeting Financial Planning

5 ways to avoid going broke before payday

Rushes of “payphoria” are sweeping over the nation, with new research from global small-business platform Xero revealing that many Aussies are feeling the pinch in the lead-up to the pleasure…

Budgeting Property

Budgeting tips you should consider when saving for a house deposit

Your own home is almost certainly the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life, and having enough banked up for a deposit is a super big deal. Do you ever…

Budgeting Financial Planning

4 ways to make saving money more fun

‘Budget’ is one of those words that has hardly any positive connotations to it, similar to other dreaded words like infection, tax and mucus. But what if I told you…

Budgeting Financial Planning Lifestyle

Holiday budgeting tips – How to avoid a travel debt hangover

We’ve all had the feeling. You step off the plane from Bangkok still buzzing, images from your holiday flitting through your mind—the Parthenon, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower. What a…

Budgeting Lifestyle

10 Ways to enjoy summer without spending a fortune

If you’re wondering how you’ll make ends meet over summer, check out these tips on how to spend, without spending every cent. If you’ve been saving for something big or…

Budgeting General Insights

How much we will spend this Christmas!

Aussies are expected to spend big this Christmas, with the NSW and ACT as the biggest splurgers.  The Commonwealth Bank’s Christmas Consumer Spending Survey has found that Australians will spend a hefty…

Budgeting General Insights Property

8 things to consider if you want to live on your own

Living on your own has many advantages. You don’t have to worry about tidying up after someone else, how to deal with a noisy flatmates or other people’s unhygienic habits….

Budgeting Financial Planning General Insights

5 money mistakes for millenials to avoid

With accumulated HECS debt, a difficult job market and volatile global economy, Millennials face an uncertain financial future. The generation of young adults aged 18 to 34 lack the financial…

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