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5 ways to keep a cool head in a falling share market

Despite concern, falling share prices are not necessarily a sign of a mild or major bear market situation, according to Dr Shane Oliver. The share market correction many people are…

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Top 5 Investment Themes for 2019

How might 2019 shape up across the investment landscape? Here’s our take on the key issues to pay attention to. Move over 2018 2018 was action packed and volatile with…

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Help achieve your investment goals with dynamic asset allocation

It goes without saying that the investment landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Deleveraging has become an ongoing theme; central banks have played a significant role in guiding the…

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Bitcoin – Is it really for you?

If I could sum up the contents of my junk emails over the last 12 months in a single word it would be: Bitcoin. I can’t tell you how many…

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Four tactics to build an investment portfolio

Learn strategies to help you focus on long-term wealth accumulation, so you can fund your aspirations for retirement. An increasing number of Australians are hitting retirement age, and more people…

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Retiree self-protection: A volatility-and-downturn ‘bucket’

The latest fall in share prices close to the 10-year anniversary of the global financial crisis (GFC) is likely to prompt more retirees and near-retirees to think about creating a volatility-and-downturn cash bucket.

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Responsible and ethical investing

Responsible and ethical investing – what are they and what’s the difference? Whether it’s the war on waste, human rights abuses, animal rights or climate change that is your issue…

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Market downturns, like this one, are to be expected

It's been awhile since there's been a drop in the markets as sharp, broad and sudden as last week's.

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The global financial crisis: Behind us but far from over

Ten years ago this month, Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest US investment bank, filed for bankruptcy protection.


Spread your money, reduce risk

Six out of ten Australians own investments outside of the family home and super. That’s good news. The only problem is that many people are still putting all their eggs…

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