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9 in 10 Aussies want their money put to good use

A majority of Australians now expect super funds, banks, financial advisers and other financial institutions to invest their money in a responsible and ethical manner, it has been revealed. The…


3 ways to pandemic-proof a portfolio

There are a number of lessons high-net-worth investors can teach the rest of us about wealth preservation during a downturn, according to an investment specialist. In an opinion piece for…


When is the right time to buy an investment property?

Buying an investment property can be a good financial decision. When done right, you can get strong capital gains through passive income and tax deductions while building up your equity….

Investment Shares

Dividends to fall until 2021

Investors who are living off a dividend stream are being advised that they might face some financial hardship, with the COVID-19 crisis likely to cause a reduction in how much companies can…


Coronavirus correction could be an opportunity for the smart investor

Savvy Australian investors looking to buy and hold some of the largest companies in the world would be wise to consider looking beyond the ASX, writes Chi-X Director and Chief…

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Pandemic spurs a rise in investment scams

In the current low interest rate environment, an investment product offering low-risk, high returns may sound very tempting.


Estate Planning Investment

Estate planning and investments


It's a question most of us ask eventually: what happens to our investments when we die?


Investment Retirement Superannuation & SMSF

COVID-19: How long may your super savings take to recover?

As investment market volatility continues, what does this mean for Australians’ retirement savings? The COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis has caused uncertainty in many areas of life, not least on investment markets….

Financial Planning Investment

How advised individuals are getting ahead during COVID-19

Advised clients are in a much better portfolio position during COVID-19 than their unadvised counterparts, according to an investment expert The managing director of Wealth O2, Shannon Bernasconi, has explained…

Investment Shares

The Bond Market.


2020, a year that will be marked in history by a pandemic that had devastating effects on global health and economic activity to individuals and nations across the world.


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