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How to achieve investment success in 2021

History shows us that overnight investment success rarely happens. Starting up a business venture, and turning it into a profitable enterprise (if that ever occurs), can take many years. It’s…


COVID crash: one year on

It’s now been one year since the COVID-19 outbreak sent global markets into freefall. How have investors fared since the 2020 crash and what are the lessons learned? By Tony…


Digital currencies and investment portfolios

The tremendous surge in the price of cryptocurrencies has attracted the attention of many investors, who may be considering the digital currency as a potential substitute for traditional asset classes…

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Super investment options – what’s right for you?

Choosing the right super investment options at the right time could make a difference to how much money you have when you retire. When it comes to your superannuation, the…


All Ords set for new record by February, analyst predicts

The Australian market is likely to reach a new record in the early months of the year, with a win on the health front likely to offset geopolitical issues, an…

Investment Property

8 ways to maximise your rental returns

Being an active participant in the entire leasing process is the best way to maximise an investment property’s value, according to one property professional. A simple yet structured process, as…

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The perks of staying invested


In times of severe market disruption 'doing nothing' often feels unacceptable. Surely such market movements means you have to respond.


Investment Property

New home loans soar again, shattering recent records

The total value of loan commitments for investor housing rose 8.2 per cent month-on-month to reach $6 billion in December last year, as the property market continued to soar into…


What is short selling?

Short selling has been a popular strategy for stock traders who are willing to take on the risk of capital loss, but the tactic’s fame has soared in recent weeks on…

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10 tips for choosing an investment property

So, you’re thinking of buying your first residential investment property? There are a few things to consider before making the move. Here are our top 10 tips for avoiding potential…

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