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NAB predicts sharp slowing of property prices in 2022

NAB has upgraded its property price growth forecasts for 2021 and 2022 in its latest quarterly property report. The bank now expects growth of 22.7 per cent nationally in 2021…

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Reasons to invest in government bonds

Government bonds are one of the safest assets that you can add to your investment portfolio, but there are other reasons why this asset class should be added to your…


We need to talk about: Bitcoin

You might’ve noticed a lot of excitement recently about something called Dogecoin. It’s a type of cryptocurrency that features the face of a cute Shiba Inu dog but is serious…

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Getting your hands on a piece of the property market is a huge learning experience and one of the most exciting (and daunting) milestones you can achieve in your adult…

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Why it will now cost more to retire

The cost of retiring just increased, with surging fuel costs and the rising price of food and healthcare negatively impacting a retiree’s bottom line. According to the latest figures by…

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Real estate investing: The 50% rule explained

When a real estate investor decides to purchase a property, there are usually scores of options. Some investors even compare the search for a good real estate deal like a…


Ethical investment means asking about more than just risk and return

Today’s wealth-creation journey requires more than just the basics of risk and return, but looking to leverage your interests into unique financial opportunities. Amid the rise of ethical and ESG…


7 things investors need to keep in mind when shares get volatile

Key points – Share markets have hit the wobbles lately on the back of a long worry list ranging from growth concerns, central bank tapering, the US debt ceiling and…


5 things you should know before you start trading in crypto

More Aussies are interested in investing in crypto than ever before, with one in three confident that bitcoin will eventually be transacted more widely than regular currency. Overall, one in six Australians owns…

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Could Evergrande Become China’s Lehman Brothers?

Evergrande’s recent troubling financial news has deeply shaken investor confidence in the Chinese property developer. Now fears have spread beyond Evergrande to China’s other property developers, causing their bond prices…

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