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Why we invest the way we do

A lasting legacy from one of the pioneers of behavioural economics. We live, for better or worse, in the age of influencers. So, it is timely as investors to take…


Untangling yields: Lessons for income investors

When the Federal Reserve Bank’s chairman, Jerome Powell, signalled last week that United States’ interest rates are likely to stay higher for longer, many income investors there would have breathed…


An investment bet that is hard to forget

Why billionaire active investor Warren Buffett is also an avid supporter of index funds. Investing should never be about making bets, even calculated bets. But there are exceptions to the…

Investment Property

Why valuations are about more than just a figure

Arranging for a property valuation prior to purchase, or a valuation on a property you already own for refinancing is relatively straightforward. That said, it’s important to understand potential pitfalls…


The Magnificent 7: A cautionary investment tale

As a group, these companies have been riding high. But looks can be deceptive. In the 1960 Western movie The Magnificent Seven, a group of American gunmen help defend a small Mexican…

Investment Property

5 important research topics for property investment success

One thing this latest buzz of investor activity in the property market has demonstrated yet again is that some newcomers to the real estate game still insist on going in…


How to choose an ETF

Navigating through the growing ETFs maze. With so many ETFs of all shapes and sizes now available on the market, finding the right one to invest in can sometimes be…


The advantages of investing early

You may have heard it said, “No risk, no reward.” But did you know that time can actually decrease your risk while increasing your reward?  Investing: Risky business? When some…


Australian ETF assets rise $6 billion in February

Global equities ETFs attracted the highest investor cash inflows once again in February. Here’s how investors invested. Investors added another $1.72 billion into Australian-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs) in February,…


The compounding benefits from reinvesting dividends

Using income distributions to purchase additional ETF units can significantly compound capital growth and income returns over time. If you invest either directly or indirectly in the biggest companies listed…

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