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Would you like to shave 10 years off your mortgage?

How much interest could this save you? It’s not rocket science, it’s simply a matter of making more repayments more often and making sure you’ve got the best mortgage for…

Loans and Finance Property

10 Tips To Buying Your First Home

So you’re going to take the plunge into real estate ownership. Congratulations! You’ve just made a smart decision in securing your financial future. Let us help you with our top…

Loans and Finance

What Is A Mortgage Offset Account?

An offset account is a transaction account that can be linked to your home or investment loan. The credit balance of your transaction account is offset daily against your outstanding…

Loans and Finance

What Is An Equity Line Of Credit?

These loans are a great way to access the equity in your home to use for things like home renovations, investments or other personal purchases. Repayments on a line of…

Loans and Finance

What Are Genuine Savings?

Just when you thought that you could get the best home loan deal by simply having a lump sum of cash, you might have to think again. Not all cash…

Loans and Finance

High times for low interest rates

With mortgage rates at their lowest since the days of black and white TV, this might be the right time to make a serious dent in your home loan. Lower…

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Dealing with being asset rich and cash poor

Reverse mortgages could be one way to help with living expenses, but they may also erode any equity you have in your home over time. Given longer life expectancies, the…

Financial Planning Loans and Finance

Making the most of record-low interest rates

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) took the cash rate to a record low of 1% in July, bringing mortgage rates to their lowest level in more than half a…

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What is a split home loan?

It’s simply dividing your home loan into two or more loans. For example, let’s say you have a $200,000 home loan. You could divide your loan into one portion being…

Education Loans and Finance

What is a repayment holiday?

Exactly that. A period of time where you don’t make any repayments on your home loan. Usually it’s a time when your financial situation changes… for example maternity leave, and…

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