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Behind the curtain: what drives RBA decision making?

The RBA’s decision to hold on interest rates gives us time to take a deeper look at what is going on. After all, there could be further cuts. What drives…

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Why do banks and agents value your home differently?

Have you ever wondered why your lender will give you one value for a house while the real estate agent has said something completely different? How do you know the…

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Investing interstate

When people think of buying an investment property, many only think locally. Investing in a property interstate could possibly be a smarter idea, potentially resulting in a better return on…

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The hazards of applying to multiple lenders

It’s natural that when you are researching something as important as a home loan, you should do as much research and comparison shopping as possible. However, if you apply for…

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Can refinancing my home loan save me money?

By replacing your home loan with a new one, you could take advantage of a better deal. Even if you secured a competitive package when you first took out your…

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Why you should choose a mortgage broker over a bank

For most people looking for a home loan, the choice is simple – just head to the nearest bank and see what is available. On the surface, this seems like…

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How Do I Pay Off My Mortgage Sooner?

Pay more, more often. Want to pay off your mortgage early? Then make bigger mortgage repayments, more frequently. You’ll own your own home sooner and save a bundle on interest.E.g….

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Benefits of a mortgage offset account

An offset account is a bank account linked to your home loan. Rather than accumulating interest within the account, the money in the offset account is offset daily against your…

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Pros and cons of Guarantor Home Loans

As it becomes more and more difficult to break into the housing market, many families are considering the option of a guarantor home loan – generally used when parents provide…

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What’s A Better Strategy To Access Equity: Take Out A Line Of Credit Or Just Top Up A Loan?

Lines of credit can be very useful; however, you need to be careful regarding an evergreen set-up in which no repayments are needed and the interest is added on to…

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