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Borrowers turn to the bank of mum and dad in HomeBuilder confusion

Many borrowers looking to build new homes with the HomeBuilder grant are relying on borrowed funds from family and friends due to the structure of the HomeBuilder scheme. he $25,000 HomeBuilder grants were launched earlier this year to…

Loans and Finance

4 little-known benefits of using a mortgage broker

Mortgages can be confusing at the best of times. Add in a myriad of lenders offering different rates with various benefits, plus an extremely cautious banking system, and it may be…

Loans and Finance

How risky is Australia’s household debt?

The central bank has warned house prices could plummet in the event of severe economic slowdown, but it would only trigger a small increase in the share of mortgages at risk…

Loans and Finance

How to get a car loan

There’s more to financing a car than punching numbers into a loan calculator and signing on the line. There are several ways to get quick finance for your new ride…

Loans and Finance

Is it time to get a better rate?

Mortgage-holders are being advised to take advantage of record-low interest rates and refinance if they haven’t already done so. New research by RateCity has found that 43 per cent of…

Lifestyle Loans and Finance

What if I can’t pay my car loan?

Banks can be surprisingly helpful if you’re unable to make loan repayments during tough times. Here are your options. They might not have the greatest public image, but in tough…

Loans and Finance

Will personal loans affect my mortgage application?

A personal loan isn’t completely bad news in the eyes of mortgage lenders. Read on to see how your personal loans can affect your mortgage application.  Any debts you have can have…

Loans and Finance

Why it pays to have a principal and interest loan

Owner-occupiers who are paying principal and interest on their mortgage are being rewarded by financial institutions with a lower interest rate. The latest analysis by comparison site Mozo found that…

Loans and Finance

Why mortgage-holders ‘are their own worst enemy’

Australians are paying more for their home loan due to complacency, at a time when mortgage-holders need the savings the most, new research has shown. Survey data released by Canstar…

Loans and Finance

How will lenders raising rates affect you?

A lender has lifted its rates by up to 40 basis points across both its owner-occupied and investment home loans, despite record-low rates from the RBA and cuts from its…

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