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Loans and Finance

Should you freeze your mortgage?

While pausing mortgage repayments may be tempting for those struggling with payments, it may be best to explore other options first to avoid some negative long-term effects. Since March, Pink…

Loans and Finance

Understanding loans

Choosing the right loan has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in repayments, fees and interest over the life of your loan. To make an informed choice you…

Loans and Finance

Be smart with your mortgage – use an offset account and a redraw facility

Around 69% of all home loans in Australia have a redraw facility, while 40% have an offset account. Some have both. So who’s acting in their own best interests? Before…

Loans and Finance Property

Understanding the First Home Owner Grant

Let’s face it, the current property market is not making it any easier for first home buyers – and any help is most welcome. So if you’re currently thinking about…

Lifestyle Loans and Finance Property

Would you like $25,000 towards a renovation, extension or new build?

The government has unveiled the HomeBuilder scheme, which will see eligible owner-occupiers who are either building or undertaking a substantial renovation given $25,000 for doing so. But who will actually…

Loans and Finance

How to maintain a good credit score

When you are applying for a loan, the first thing lenders will do is check your credit score – and this will have a strong impact on their ultimate decision….

Loans and Finance

Can refinancing my home loan save me money?

By replacing your home loan with a new one, you could take advantage of a better deal. Even if you secured a competitive package when you first took out your…

Loans and Finance Property

Sell or buy first? Which option is right for you?

It’s the ultimate dilemma for any home owner planning to move on to a new property – do I sell or buy first? You don’t want to sell unless you…

Financial Planning Loans and Finance Property

5 money changes happening in 2020 that you need to know about

Aussies are being urged to take note of the big money changes that are expected to occur this year, to help themselves prepare financially for the months ahead and save…

Financial Planning Loans and Finance

How Do I Pay Off My Mortgage Sooner?

Pay more, more often. Want to pay off your mortgage early? Then make bigger mortgage repayments, more frequently. You’ll own your own home sooner and save a bundle on interest.E.g….

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