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Investment Property

5 Reasons to Invest in Adelaide

Adelaide can quite often be the unsung hero for property investment. It doesn’t generally make headlines on major booms, and it doesn’t often see record breaking market leaps in short time frames…

Investment Loans and Finance Property

Thinking of buying commercial property for rental? Here’s what to consider

When it comes to property investment, people tend to think of residential. But commercial property can offer some big advantages as well, either as a space for your own business…

Estate Planning Property

Is it better to buy an investment property or home first?

There’s a lot to consider when buying an investment property or home, especially for the first time. Have you been saving for a long time and feel ready to get…


The 5 golden lessons I learned on my first day looking for a home

Home ownership has always seemed like a bit of a fable to me. It seems so out of reach, so damn expensive and frankly a little scary. But it is…

Budgeting Property

Budgeting tips you should consider when saving for a house deposit

Your own home is almost certainly the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life, and having enough banked up for a deposit is a super big deal. Do you ever…

Financial Planning Property

Why saving for a house deposit isn’t as unrealistic as you might think

So you want to buy a house. Not today, but some day. But when you read the headlines about housing affordability, you can’t help but feel discouraged. The media makes…


Why downsizing is an emotional minefield for Aussie retirees

Many older Australians eventually consider downsizing the family home for a range of reasons, which sounds simple enough. But scratch the surface and you uncover a laundry list of emotional…

General Insights Property

Older Australians ‘pessimistic’ about the property market as prices fall

As property prices across much of Australia continue to fall, new findings have revealed that older Australians are more pessimistic when it comes to the housing market, with the majority…


Fussy buyers snub houses that don’t present well

If presentation isn’t on point, many buyers keep looking, which is an important point to remember for those wanting to sell in the current market. When property prices boomed, buyers…


Could sacrifice be the key to getting into the housing market?

You want to get into real estate, but wonder whether you’ll ever manage to save a deposit, let alone pay off a mortgage. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth busting…

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