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Advice for first-time property buyers and their parents

Purchasing your first home is an important decision with far-reaching implications. You’ll be significantly better off financially if you make the right choice. However, if you mess it up and…


I would have been a better property investor if I knew these 12 things earlier in life

Recently one of my nephews, who has suddenly taken an interest in the property, asked me: “You’ve been investing for a long time – If you could go back 40…

Investment Property

Why valuations are about more than just a figure

Arranging for a property valuation prior to purchase, or a valuation on a property you already own for refinancing is relatively straightforward. That said, it’s important to understand potential pitfalls…

Investment Property

5 important research topics for property investment success

One thing this latest buzz of investor activity in the property market has demonstrated yet again is that some newcomers to the real estate game still insist on going in…


How many Australians own an investment property?

At a time when affordability issues make headlines every day, Australians are feeling the pinch, and properties are both low in supply and high in price; many fingers are pointed…


Help To Buy is on the table in 2024

If one of your goals is to buy your own home, then 2024 might just be your lucky year. It will see the launch of the Federal Government’s exciting new Help…

Loans and Finance Property

Who are the different parties involved in purchasing property

Purchasing a property is a thrilling yet nerve-wracking experience, which is why it can be handy to surround yourself with a network of support and expertise. Here are the different…


The ‘how to’ for buying property

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Once the inspections are complete and you’re ready to proceed to purchase, it’s recommended to contact your…


The real cost of buying a home, not just the deposit

When buying a home, you know you will need a deposit but there are other costs you should consider. The costs listed in this article can vary depending on many…


5 ways to value a commercial property in Australia

Whether it is an office, shop, warehouse, or even a factory, some investors are attracted to commercial property for portfolio diversification or for positive cash flow. But the thing is,…

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