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Looking to sell? Here’s five things to do to increase your property’s value

Increasing your property’s value is something that everyone wants to do, but for the majority of people, it’s another unknown part of the sales process. Here, we’ve compiled five key…


Welcome relief: Stamp duty could be axed as soon as next year

While there are varying predictions on the state of the economy post-Covid-19, there’s one thing experts seem to all agree on: stamp duty could become a thing of the past…

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Understanding the First Home Owner Grant

Let’s face it, the current property market is not making it any easier for first home buyers – and any help is most welcome. So if you’re currently thinking about…

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Would you like $25,000 towards a renovation, extension or new build?

The government has unveiled the HomeBuilder scheme, which will see eligible owner-occupiers who are either building or undertaking a substantial renovation given $25,000 for doing so. But who will actually…


Quick tips for working out a property’s market value

When you are searching for the perfect property, it can be challenging to work out exactly how much you should be paying. Rather than relying completely on the word of…

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Sell or buy first? Which option is right for you?

It’s the ultimate dilemma for any home owner planning to move on to a new property – do I sell or buy first? You don’t want to sell unless you…


It’s a buyers’ market: Brisbane house prices set to fall

As social distancing rules keep us indoors, and many out of employment, property markets across the country have taken a hit, with Brisbane house prices projected to take a hit…


The forgotten victims: Older landlords worried as rental income disappears

Renters across Australia were granted much-needed relief this week when Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that there would be a six-month freeze on commercial and residential tenancy evictions as the…


5 questions to ask before downsizing

Have you been toying with the idea of selling your family home and moving into something smaller and more manageable? Maybe you’re an empty nester or you’ve got the urge…


Common mistakes people make when downsizing

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to downsize and move out of the family home that has felt empty for years. Before you reach for the packing boxes and book…

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