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Why downsizing is an emotional minefield for Aussie retirees

Many older Australians eventually consider downsizing the family home for a range of reasons, which sounds simple enough. But scratch the surface and you uncover a laundry list of emotional…

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Older Australians ‘pessimistic’ about the property market as prices fall

As property prices across much of Australia continue to fall, new findings have revealed that older Australians are more pessimistic when it comes to the housing market, with the majority…


Fussy buyers snub houses that don’t present well

If presentation isn’t on point, many buyers keep looking, which is an important point to remember for those wanting to sell in the current market. When property prices boomed, buyers…


Could sacrifice be the key to getting into the housing market?

You want to get into real estate, but wonder whether you’ll ever manage to save a deposit, let alone pay off a mortgage. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth busting…

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Let us explain all the things you need to know about buying a house

As kids, we all thought buying a house was like buying something from the canteen: you save up your money, pay the full amount, and get a nice pack of…

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A Beginner’s Guide To Navigating The Property Market

The transition from carefree youth to adulthood comes to most of us in a lightning flash moment. It’s the moment when you realize how much priorities have changed for yourself…

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Ready, set, auction!

Bidding for a property at auction can be stressful but you can reduce the stress involved. Before you consider bidding use our tips to make sure you’re prepared and know…

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4 things to consider before buying your first home

Buying your first home is a super big deal. After what may seem like an eternity of budgeting, saving and sacrifices, you finally get to the point where you reckon you have…

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How can I make my dream home a reality?

Only you can choose the best home for you. But finding a smart way to buy it will probably take some help. Just like engaging an architect to draw a…

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4 things you should do now to buy a home in the not too distant future

For Aussie millennials, owning property can feel like a bit of a pipe dream – especially if you happen to live in a capital city. After all, who can forget the smashed…

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