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6 steps to help you feel more positive about your finances

Managing your money doesn’t have to be stressful. By breaking down your goals and establishing good habits you can work towards financial wellbeing. With one in four Australians reporting more…


Expert tips: How to spot a scam caller

Common sense would tell you that if you think you’re receiving a scam call, hang up. But how do you know if it’s a scam call? Scammers are experts at luring…


4 Ways to protect your details online to prevent identity theft

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns have led to a surge in online transactions globally. People are also using digital channels more and more for online banking and other financial services…

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Heart disease, cholesterol and statins: Your questions answered

As a cardiologist, many of the questions I’m asked on a daily basis concern statin drugs. It is my opinion that the medical profession gives statins too much power, but…

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Investing on behalf of your kids

Investing on behalf of your children can help give them a financial leg up and introduce them to good financial practice at an early age. However It’s important to pick…

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Super contribution caps are going up from 1 July 2021

The amount of money you can contribute into your super each year is about to increase. The caps on concessional and non-concessional super contributions will increase from 1 July this…

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Poisoned pets: The hidden dangers posed by common houseplants

A trip to the nursery is a common activity for most of us, but are our resulting plant purchases putting our furry family members at risk? The answer, unfortunately, is…

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Yummy chocolate banana muffins

What do you do with browning bananas? It’s a question I find myself asking over and over again, as there are only so many banana bread loaves a person can…

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2021 new year, new you: How well does your portfolio stack up against your goals?

Markets in 2020 were challenging and unpredictable, but 2021 offers families an opportunity to review their portfolio and make sure they are still in alignment with their financial goals. Your…

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Don’t forget to disinfect these items and areas to prevent getting sick

To keep you and your family safe and healthy,  it is important to remember that there are certain areas and items that are crucial to disinfect. This is even more…

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