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Financial Planning

4 ways to help prepare your finances for a recession

If you think storms may lie ahead, it makes sense to prepare your craft for choppy waters. With Australia facing continued economic uncertainty, it may be time to take stock…

Financial Planning

Ways to use your tax refund for a stronger financial future

Not sure what to do with your tax refund? Strategic financial decisions for your tax return begin with a strong plan. Whether you breeze through tax time or dread the…

Financial Planning Investment

How advised individuals are getting ahead during COVID-19

Advised clients are in a much better portfolio position during COVID-19 than their unadvised counterparts, according to an investment expert The managing director of Wealth O2, Shannon Bernasconi, has explained…

Financial Planning

Why cash flow is king during COVID-19

Cash flow has never been so important, according to a chartered accountant. Palfreyman Chartered Accountants’ principal, Simone Palfreyman, has highlighted that with restrictions of COVID-19 likely to continue for many…

Financial Planning Retirement

COVID set to ruin retirement plans

Australians are becoming increasingly gloomy about their retirement prospects, with many believing that the flow-on impact of COVID-19 will mean they will have to work longer, new research has found….

Financial Planning

How to safeguard your finances through the pandemic

Australians are ill-prepared for any major setback financially, with one in five Aussies needing credit to get through unforeseen financial expenses, new research has found. Research from comparison site Mozo…

Financial Planning

Three ways to help future-proof your career in 2020

Stay on track with your professional development and help future-proof your career goals by upskilling. The latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics tell us that 2.7million Australians…

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

How to rebuild your super after a COVID-19 withdrawal

For many people, the government’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) early release of super scheme has been a lifesaver, with the money accessed from retirement savings helping provide additional support at a time…

Financial Planning General Insights

‘But how will we pay for this?’


It's a natural question about global policymakers' multitrillion-dollar efforts to prop up economies and markets against the monumental threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the question has understandably taken a back seat to confronting immediate health and welfare challenges.


Financial Planning General Insights

ATO busts tax time 2020 myths


The ATO has issued a list of tax-time myths, warning taxpayers that get-rich-quick schemes will only slow down returns.


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