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Reasons to invest in government bonds

Government bonds are one of the safest assets that you can add to your investment portfolio, but there are other reasons why this asset class should be added to your…

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Ten Tips for More Effective ETF Investing

Investors want more information and further education to help them effectively use ETFs. That’s what polling data suggested at the May 2019 Morningstar Investment Conference. In the conference’s listed investments…

Financial Planning

7 Elements of Great Investing Advice

Everyone in the investment industry loves to hear investors’ success stories, whether they’re about buying a house, helping their kids pay for college, or living a worry-free retirement. These stories…

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Getting your hands on a piece of the property market is a huge learning experience and one of the most exciting (and daunting) milestones you can achieve in your adult…

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Why it will now cost more to retire

The cost of retiring just increased, with surging fuel costs and the rising price of food and healthcare negatively impacting a retiree’s bottom line. According to the latest figures by…

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Why is Australian housing so expensive – and what can be done to improve housing affordability?

Housing affordability has been an issue in Australia for quite some time – but since the 1990s it’s gone from being a periodic cyclical concern to a chronic problem. The…

Financial Planning Lifestyle Retirement

Considerations for different retirement living options

Whether downsizing your home, relocating to a new city, modifying your existing property, or entering an independent or assisted living arrangement is on the cards, thinking ahead could create more…

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

What you need to know before moving your shares into your super

Cash isn’t the only way to contribute to your super, but there are critical details you’ll want to keep in mind before you start messing with in-specie contributions. Moving your…

Financial Planning

3 Ways to take control of your financial wellbeing

If you’re losing sleep over looming bills, scared to check your bank balance before payday, or feeling stretched living week to week, these may be signs that your financial health…

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF

All you need to know about Super Contributions

There are a number of ways to make or receive contributions to your super account. Let us count the ways and help you work out the best fit for you….

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