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Financial Planning Retirement

The secrets to early retirement

Dreaming of retiring before you reach 50? The ‘secrets’ to early retirement may be more practical and achievable than you’d think. While many people choose to work as long as…

Financial Planning

Top tips: Real-life money smarts from everyday Aussies

Fuss-free money advice can be hard to come by, which is why we and Westpac have joined forces to ask everyday over-60s what their best pieces of advice are in just a…

Financial Planning Insurance

The end of Income Protection Insurance as we know it

Recently APRA announced major changes to the structure of Income Protection policies. It will occur in a matter of weeks and is not receiving any publicity in the mainstream media so we…

Financial Planning Retirement

How much you need to boost your budget by for a comfy retirement in 2020

Retirees will have to reign in their spending if they want to live comfortably, with new data revealing yet another increase in cost of living for Australians. The Retirement Standard,…

Financial Planning Retirement

How to get approved for a credit card or credit limit increase in retirement

Responsible lending guidelines are designed by financial regulators to protect the vulnerable from entering into more debt than they’re able to service, but are having a knock-on impact on some…

Financial Planning Loans and Finance Property

5 money changes happening in 2020 that you need to know about

Aussies are being urged to take note of the big money changes that are expected to occur this year, to help themselves prepare financially for the months ahead and save…

Financial Planning Investment

Advice for my twenty-something self

When I was in my 20s, I flirted with dreams of becoming a race car driver or a foreign correspondent.

Financial Planning Loans and Finance

How Do I Pay Off My Mortgage Sooner?

Pay more, more often. Want to pay off your mortgage early? Then make bigger mortgage repayments, more frequently. You’ll own your own home sooner and save a bundle on interest.E.g….

Financial Planning

5 days to get your finances in order

Our New Year challenge Too time poor for resolutions? Try our challenge instead New Year’s resolutions are such a drag, right? Whether it’s fitness, family or finances, the best laid…

Financial Planning Loans and Finance

The art of the possible: how to pay off your mortgage sooner

It’s a simple equation. Paying down your mortgage sooner can save you thousands of dollars in interest in the long run. Here are some ways to make the most of…

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