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Five ways to simplify your life

If managing life’s everyday complexities only seem achievable when you’re daydreaming about the chef, cleaner, personal assistant or nanny that you don’t have, you’re probably not alone. And, if ‘turbulent’…


How your personality type can help you find your passion

Some people are born knowing what they want to do with their life, but for the rest of us it’s a constant game of trial and error. Along the way…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

What kind of money parent are you?

Many parents approach the topic of money differently, but could your way of doing things influence your kids’ success? The majority of Aussie mums and dads recognise that they’re accountable…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

Don’t want to work full time?

What are the pros and cons of going part time? If you’re a full time worker you may be considering joining the multitude of Aussie part-timers, and having more time…

Financial Planning Lifestyle

How many good summers do you want?

Martin Hawes, financial adviser and outdoor adventurer, wrote the inspirational book Twenty Good Summers many years ago. It’s still in print, and I believe his message grips the imagination of everyone. His…


Australia’s mental health and wellbeing a national priority

The National Mental Health Commission has congratulated Minister Greg Hunt on his reappointment as Minister for Health. On the eve of the new government being sworn in by the Governor-General,…


Pros and cons: Should you buy a new or used car?

We help you weigh up the pros and cons of buying a brand new car against buying a used car The age-old conundrum when faced with a car purchase is…

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Finding a purpose in retirement can help you live longer

Transitioning from work life to retirement can be tricky and while most people anticipate retirement being the best years of their lives, many struggle to find a purpose in their…


How to work less and succeed more

How are you feeling today – perhaps a bit tired? A little overworked? How would you feel if I told you that it was entirely possible to work less and enjoy…


How to find your work-life balance

When we’re at uni all we think about is finishing, and finally being able to work full-time and earn some cold hard cash. But when we start working, we realise…

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