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Superannuation & SMSF

Multiple super accounts in a ‘gig’ society

Just yesterday (23-7-17) a planner's client said 'By the way I located lost super and would like some financial advice please. There are still a couple more lost supers, not located,
How should I proceed?  (NB: do not let things simply run because in a few years you'll forget and discovery will be very hard).

Financial Planning Superannuation & SMSF Tax Planning

Are you on top of the changes to Superannuation from 1 July 2017?

Hardly a week goes by without the mainstream media mentioning superannuation. It certainly remains at the forefront of many conversations around the country at the moment!  Here is a quick summary of…

Loans and Finance Property

Is it the right time to REFINANCE your loan?

With a home loan it’s easy to just ‘set and forget’. But it’s sensible to review your home loan every three years or so. We’re living in a world of…

General Insights

Why Australian retirees aren’t happy and what we can do about it

When it comes to retirement planning, we could be forgiven for giving ourselves a collective pat on the back here in Australia.

Education Shares

What is an “IPO”?

Ever wondered what an “IPO” is?  Or how it works? An IPO is an “initial public offering”.  It is the process by which a company becomes listed on the stock…


How to generate more income from your Bluechip share portfolio

Volatility in the financial markets is a fact of life. It’s important then for an investor to embrace the volatility and use it to their advantage, rather than shy away…

General Insights

Key Economic Indicators, 2017

This month's focus is on Australia's Labour Force and Demography.

Property Tax Planning

The dos and don’ts of investment property expenses and depreciation

Every dollar you claim in investment property deductions translates to real dollar savings, and they add up quickly, says Eddie Chung, a property tax specialist and partner at accounting and…

Estate Planning

Estate planning strategies for 2017-18

With the $1.6 million transfer balance cap now in place, technical experts have identified some of the considerations that will need to be made in relation to death benefits and reversionary pensions.

Financial Planning

Is life insurance through your superannuation still worth it?

Let’s face it, it’s a good idea to review your life insurance every year or so to check that the premiums are reasonable and your coverage is appropriate. But this…

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